Friday, June 28, 2013

My Flawlessly - Imperfect Love Affair

"Five years ago, our journey began, chasing down this cure, no plan in hand. Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark, just knowing with conviction from the start. The moment your eyes made an introduction, I felt my second violent breath of life. Flawless to the point of being godly, yet I fell hard for your imperfections. And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn. Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm, yet I still believe in ever after with you. Cause life is a pleasure with you by my side, and there ain't no current in this river we can't ride. I still believe in ever after with you. Nothing compares to the good times. Feels like we're floating, when the rest have to climb. You made me believe in love, and not the perfect kind, a real messy beautiful twisted sunshine. Emotions, volcanic eruptions, we both still care, so we're still alive. Tunnel vision, determination. I want you, I want to make it right."
If you’re familiar with the song Ever After by Bonnie Bailey, then you got it right, the above is its lyrics (excerpt and with alteration). I like it so much that I used this song to kick-off the open-dance during our wedding reception. I think it perfectly describes our relationship. We may not have the perfect one, we may have flaws as individuals, but love and care are enough to make everything amendable and help us live happily ever after.

And yes, fairy tales are real. As of the moment, we’re here in this fairyland called Misibis Bay enjoying the luxury of what life has to offer, all in celebration of such milestone in our life – in our family life, our 5th anniversary.

Cheers to forever! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is 8!

My baby Dos is 8 months old today. I am so glad he’s becoming more interactive nowadays. He crawls a lot and knows me so well. Not that he doesn’t know me before, what I meant was, he’s more clingy now. I like the fact that he’s close to his older sister Uno, too. They share things that only them understand. 1 moment I heard Uno shouts at him and then the other time she pricks on him, but I cannot stop her from doing so because he likes it. It makes him laugh out load (I would laugh myself without knowing why). Hay siblings! J

But that’s not the only thing they have in common, tomorrow Dos will take the 1st flight of his life (Uno was about his age when she had her 1st plane ride, too). It would be Dos 1st outer-town escapade, this is in celebration of the Family’s 5th Anniversary (aka Wedding Anniversary). I already prepared the things that would help him enjoy his 1st plane ride. 1 of which was, by practicing him in using a pacifier, he really don’t use one at home. But I think it will serve its purpose well now because this will help him pop his ears on-board. I prepared headset for his sister on the other hand, but I will also bring her, her pacifier in case, you know, she misses the old times.

I am so excited. I hope we’ll have an enjoyable trip and an experience to treasure.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Anniversary Giveaway: Firmoo Classic Series Frame

It’s the family’s 5th anniversary, yey! And I’m extending my happiness to everyone by giving away 5 - Firmoo E-vouchers worth $20 each to valid contestants. The lucky participants get to choose from the Firmoo’s Classic Series, just use the winning voucher code to save on the frame’s price (shipping not included). Take note, some frames are lower than $20. But here’s the fun part, if this give-away reaches 50 participants or more, I’ll be selecting 1 lucky participant who can walk away with the frame of his choice for totally free (yes, shipping fee included, just be sure you’re in this part of the world). 

Joining is easy, just visit Firmoo Website and select the frame of your choice from the Classic Series. Then leave a comment below indicating the frame of your choice, your name, and e-mail address. Only comments with this information will be deemed valid entry. I’ll be selecting winners on our next family month-sary (July 28). 

And did you know that Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store and have always been committed to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at $8 (80%-90% lower compared to that in local store). But wait there’s more, Firmoo also offers First Pair Free Program, wherein new customers can try any Firmoo products by just paying for the shipping fee. 

So, go tell everyone about this. Good luck!

PS: Firmoo gave me 6 E-vouchers to be given away, you wouldn’t mind if I save 1 for the esposo, right? I think he needs a pair now, and I badly need to give him an anniversary gift. Lol

Friday, June 21, 2013

Make Up Your Mind, Are You Pro or Not?

As far as I know, Quezon City was among the pioneer Cities who implemented the “No-plastic Policy”. It was bombarded with criticism at first, but it pushed thru and I salute them. I know it was a good call since plastic is 1 of the main causes of flooding in the Metro during rainy season and it takes century to decompose. But actually I knew that since 2010, SM already applies this scheme via their MOB (My Own Bag) Wednesdays, which they encourages customer to bring reusable bags for their grocery/shopping items or the items will be placed in paper bags or carton boxes in lieu of the traditional plastic bags. What an effort to save Mother Earth.

But just recently, we went to SM Hypermarket in the Block (SM North EDSA) for our weekly grocery. Since it was unplanned, we were not able to bring our reusable bags. My in-laws was so kind to lend us 2 bags but I changed my mind the last minute knowing we could asked for a carton box instead (just like what we did at Landmark grocery just 3 weeks prior).

Just for the record, we lived in Bulacan, we usually do our grocery at the nearest grocery store. It was our 1st time again at SM North after the implementation of the said Ordinance.

So upon checking-out, the usual cashier’s spill was said, I was surprised to hear the biggest shock of my life. They will not allow us to use carton box or paper bags, they do not offer such but ONLY PLASTIC BAGS FOR P2/EACH! Ano?? And I asked Ano again for her every answer. I just can’t understand. She even said it’s been long SM grocery’s policy, like since December 2012 pa daw. ANO?? I’m in Quezon City, was I? Pano nangyari yon?

I wanted to complain, I wanted to understand why. I hated that I was not given an option, I hated that I was not given a chance to “go-green”, for my kids’ future. I asked for the manager but I knew I would just hear the same explanation so I decided I’d report it to the City Government instead, I work in a government office, I’m sure I could use some connections. This is a clear violation of their Ordinance.

But then again, I happen to see phrases at the counter as I sign my slip, 1 of those says (not verbatim though), The City Government discourages the use of paper bags and boxes to help contribute to the Environmental Fund. Ah, ‘yon naman pala… So, it’s okay to destroy the environment so long as we have BIG fund to save it.

Okay, so I rest my case.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rainy Days are Here Again

I love rain! I love how it waters the plants; I love how it provides cool breeze. I love watching every rain fall from the sky. As weird as I may sound, I also love watching the rain march together to the drainage. Raindrops bring music to my ears. I promised myself I’ll create a rain-watching spot in my future home. Rain makes me sentimentally-at-peace. I love to dance and wade in the rain as a kid. I hate flood though, I do not like soaking my feet on it, and worst that it can take away lives. But that doesn’t make me love rain less; flood is not the fault of the rain, not even by typhoons or storms. It’s the end result of people’s neglect to the environment. But that’s another story. 

Ironically, Uno was my opposite. She fears the rain. She cries every time she hears the rain drops. She hides under the cover or embrace us so tight. I know there is something wrong. It’s anxiety, anew. My only relief was that at least it’s not a phobia. I can say because we could still pacify her, she responds to our soothing well and pretty fast. I just need to find out how we could help her pass this stage fast. 

After few weeks of trial and error (it took a little longer because the rain schedule conflicts with my presence, it usually rains when I’m in the office). We succeeded in helping her passed by this anxiety stage. Here’s what we did:

1) Reject the fear. We told her to sing "Rain, Rain Go Away" every time it rains. It will keep her busy and positive at the same time.
2) Accept the occurrence. We constantly convinced her that rain is our friend. And told her how rain made the plants and frogs happy. That she can still be happy and do something even though it’s raining. Our theme song at this stage was “I’m Singing in the Rain”.hehe We also gave her umbrella and told her how it can protect her against the rain. We go out of the house just to prove that.
3) Destruct her attention. We set the TV volume higher, we let her play her tablet, we put earphone on her ears, we read her favorite storybooks especially when the rain comes with thunder. 
4) Assure her safety. We call her every time were told that it’s raining in our place. When were together, we stay with her until she’s pacified. We keep on telling her that it’s going to be fine and we’re here for her.
5) Use her language. Use words which she can relate with. Like, “Baby, the thunder you hear is just dinosaurs in heaven gargling, and when they spit the water it becomes the rain, just like you when you brush your teeth”. 

She’s a rain anxious graduate now. I am looking forward to the time where we could dance in the rain together. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Fair Share

Mi esposo and I were having rounds of vanity fair. Last Friday, he treated me for warts removal as a belated Mother’s Day gift. He on the other hand, had a relaxing massage as my advanced Father’s Day gift. Today, I had my nails done, while he made our friend’s nails. Were just silly, like that. Lol 

Yes, we’re doing our nails in the office. But before you judge us, it was just pass 6am. We were at the office at exactly, 0602 PST. No work interruption, what so ever. 

Thinking about this back-to-back vanity fair, I couldn’t help recall that about 5 years back, the esposo and I were also busy pampering ourselves for our wedding. I remember I made him had some facial mask while I was having warts cautery – which was a bad idea since the scars needed a little more time to completely wear-off from my face. I also had my nails done by a professional (for the 1st time) a day before the big day. It deemed useless because I decided to wear gloves on the last minute. You’re in the right track if you’re thinking I suck in the vanity department. lol I am not really vain, as a person. I cannot even be considered a low-maintenance girl. 

But now, I think I need to take care of myself more. I’m a little pass 30 (okay, 33 on October) and I know that age would dare my wash-and-wear attitude. Now, I’m starting to use moisturizer and sun-block. I am applying little lipstick and concealer-foundation at work.  I am starting to take Vitamin C and Iron Supplement. I have to maintain youthful skin to radiate a youthful glow - for kiddos to boast, mi esposo to appreciate and most especially for me to feel good. 

PS: I am seriously considering Manicure Monday like BC Blogger Tet. Lol

Friday, June 7, 2013

Educator Resources

Because of the lack of depth within the public school system, parents must look to outside sources of education in order to give their children a full, comprehensive start into the world. Fortunately, many of the best minds in the education industry have come together under Mentoring Minds to provide not only a better education for children but the structure that is recognized by many continuing education facilities as an accredited solution that can substitute for public school credentials. One of the most effective initiatives of the minds at Mentoring Minds is the STAAR test. This test is a standardized test that is used to showcase mastery of the concepts that the Mentoring Minds curriculum attempts to instill in children. As a much deeper curriculum that is focused on real world applications, this initiative is providing children with a much more relevant head start into what colleges and universities are looking for when kids come out of high school. The initiative is a well rounded curriculum that includes math, science, writing and reading. Each student will be provided with a personal educational consultant that will guide the entire family through the curriculum from start to finish. With this kind of professional help on their side, parents are finding new hope in supplemental educational programs and Mentoring Minds is trailblazing a new path for education in the future.

Disclaimer: Guest post