Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On my Playlist

I think mi bebe is musically inclined. She likes singing and responds to my singing, I mean to songs she hears. During her younger days (well, younger than today because she’s still too young, don’t you think?), I sing her The Alphabet Song (which is actually A your adorable to most of us), I believe she recognized it so well to the point of associating the song to me.  She pacifies with that song, she turns to sleep with it. It’s my lullaby and our national anthem. We love that song and we overused it.

As she aged (or months for that matter) we slowly introduced new songs to her. There’s Itsy Bitsy Spider which mi esposo sings to her, I sing her Do – Re – Mi (from the Sound of Music). Both songs she enjoys with tickling on the side. She likes (the traditional) Alphabet Song. She enjoys 10 Little Indians. And her favourite, the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She sings murmurs it when she’s bored and/or while playing. She gestures the dance as well.

But her current obsession and what she thinks should be the only song in my playlist nowadays is the I’m a Little Teapot Song. I introduced this song just recently, after running out of nursery song during my medley. I danced like crazy and she laughed hilariously. From then on, it was her favourite. She requests it nightly or every time she remembers. Since she can’t say it well, I would always tease her by singing other songs and she gets furious. She would cry and hit me then I would laugh and sing her, then she would smile the sweetest smile. And repeat refrain.    

Here's the song and dance (my version):

I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little teapot, short and stout (making small squares in front of body)
This is my handle (R hand on hips), this is my spout (bend L elbow and raise forearm)
When the water's boiling, hear me shout (shakes whole body) 
Lift me up and pour me out (tip sideways to the left)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PyroMusical Competetion 2012

Update: For our pyromusical experience click here

Mi familia is scheduled to visit my in-laws this weekend. It's been a long time since we last slept-over and they are missing mi bebe bigtime. But my itchy-feet is clinging for another get-away so I suggested we visit MOA on Saturday and watch this years pyromusical competetion. As I checked on the site, China and The Netherlands are scheduled to compete this coming weekend (March 3), this must be good show since China was the champion last year, right? The competition started last February 11 and will last until March 17, with different countries competing every week.  

According to its official website"The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition opens at the SM Mall of Asia, the country’s top lifestyle mall by the scenic Manila Bay. This annual event will put on a never-before-seen spectacle of lights and colors where the night sky and sea meet as staged by the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts.This competition will not only paint the Manila sky with brilliant bursts of vivid color, but will also be the venue to showcase the emerging artistry and evolving sophistication of Filipino fireworks technology. The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition will be imbued with the awesome fanfare and delightful displays of the world’s leading pyrotechnic events, but done with that distinct Filipino flourish that will surely bring together eager audiences from all over the region".

Sound exciting, considering this is the family's first time to witness such event. The kids will surely enjoy this one. 

Other schedule: 
  • Feb 11 - South Korea and Malta
  • Feb 18 - United Kingdon and Spain
  • Feb 25 - Finland and Portugal 
  • Mar 03 -  China and The Netherlands
  • Mar 10 - Australia and Canada
  • Mar 17 - Italy and Philippines
Ticket Prices: Patron (with Dinner) P1,500 / VIP P500 / Gold  P300 / Silver  P100

Floor Plan:

For tickets/reservation call: SM Tickets 470.22.22 / TicketNet 911.5555 / TicketWorld 891.9999

Monday, February 27, 2012

5 Years and Counting

I am now in my 5th year in the government service. I still remember clearly what transpired the 1st time. It was in 2007 when HBB Flo invited me to apply for a position in this office which I responded blankly. I didn’t know what position I’ll be-in or what my chances might be. I am qualified I know, but it’s an open secret that to be able land a job in the government service somebody powerful must endorse your application, and I have none (unless you’ll consider a Technical Assistant Flo as that “somebody”). Maybe destiny has it way and in a less than 2 miraculously months, I was hired. 2 months was a miracle indeed considering I am applying for “the government”. I later found out that my application was in time with the agency’s rationalization plan. It was a restructuring and reorganization of some sorts wherein the agency fills in positions that they believe deemed appropriate for the service they cater. I was hired at an entry level and received a salary lower than that of my office in the private sector was giving me. I didn’t mind, I thought the security of tenure and the prestige of working for the country is what’s more important. Luckily, my hard works was rewarded with a back-to-back promotion and the birth of SSL3 – the annual salary adjustments.

After 5 years, I’m still here. Exposed to the politicality of this agency (with bully bosses and the fly on the carabao), but still manages to survive. Anyway I’ll be in the service until I reached the retirement bracket while the flies will be here for as good as 6 years (now only 4) or until the next EDSA party or God knows what's the next chapter of this much awaited countrywide’s telenovela might be. I'm still young and naive. I’m yet to learn how to dance tango. I’m still awaiting for my 10th year milestone bonus. I have to wait until I become. But I will never forget the day I was hired, February 17, 2007.

It was 10 days ago and.. it.. actually slipped my mind. Might be the effect of the anesthesia. lol

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pasta Weekends

When mi esposo and I started living-together, I took charge in the kitchen. I am no expert but I believe I have know-hows. I also have my own specialty, in my own rights. I believe I can cook the best adobo. Funny, the first time I ever cooked him adobo (we were boyfriends then) was a miss. I don’t know what went wrong but it was not even half of the adobo I was raving him. From then on, he never trusted my adobo ever, even if I already made up for it a 100x. lol
But I’m glad mi esposo has an easy-to-please tummy, he’s also generous with compliments (dish after dish, meal after meal), which in turn makes my ear clap. haha He likes my cooking and rather eat home-cooked meals than dine-out, we even bring packed-meal to the office. To make it more enticing we designate our weekends especially for our favorite foods. I would prepare foods we crave, most of which are pasta dishes. And that’s when the pasta weekends were born.
Every week, I try to come-up with a pasta dish that we would feast on. Different sauces and different ingredients and different noodle types as well, until we voted for a favorite signature dish (read: I made it up dish). Mi esposo simply calls it “white sauce”. It’s a penne pasta in thick white sauce actually and I don’t have a name for it either. I’ll write about how to cook it in the future and/or until I’ve come up with a decent photo of it. Recipes are judged by its photos, don’t you think?
But the pasta weekend has become in hiatus when I became pregnant. With a lot of complete bed-rest thing going on, how can I cook? We were not able to revive it either after I gave birth because 1) I’m pre-occupied with mi bebe, 2) we have a maid to cook for us, whom cannot make a decent pasta dish and 3) I’m plain lazy too tired.
Not until last weekend. Our maid is on indefinite leave, remember? It left me with no choice but to be a yaya and a cook at the same time. I figured it was the best time our pasta weekend resurrects. So I cooked the “white sauce” again but this time with matching garlic bread on the sides. I loved it and I missed it big time. Mi bebe loved it too.
Now I’m contemplating on what to cook tomorrow. TGIF!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Appropriate Hairdo for Me MomMa

I’m sporting a new hairdo right now, chin-length and whatnots. I don’t know what this style is called I just told the hairdresser to cut my hair this short (gesturing to my ear or maybe just above my chin) and viola the rest of my hair are gone in a sec. What made this hair cutting session different was that mi esposo paid for the luxury of my hair-treatment. I'm having a hair fall problem ever since I gave birth. I think it's a common thing with mothers who just gave birth and I'm hoping this treatment would help. I’m not really vain with matters like this. Actually, a low-maintenance girl is an overstatement if you’re going to describe me. I’m so blessed to be pretty even if I’m just a wash and wear type not to mention I’m also narcissistic. lol I also needed to cut my hair short to lessen the treatment cost, the longer your hair, the more expensive it gets, right? Seriously, I wanted this length mainly because I liked it. Yes I’m serious, I have no other reason. I always wanted a short hair, but mi esposo prefers a long-haired me. So, I submit. But now that I have a better reason, I prevailed. This is for mi bebe, I said to him.

Practically speaking, I think it is better for moms to be short-haired, especially those with infant like me. Aside from the fact that a long hair is costly/time consuming to maintain, it’s also disturbing when my hair is smudging all over her face at every possible contact (like when I pick her up, carry her, feed her and play with her). It might also cause rash to her delicate skin. Yes, ponytails are already invented but for me it’s the boringest, as my mama would say, I looked like Olive Oyl with it.

As I was being shampooed before my treatment. The thought of mi bebe and I having such treatment flashed to my mind. I was thrilled by the thoughts of it. I know that someday we'll be able to bond in salons like this and share beauty regimens. Not that I have a lots to share with, but I'm sure that confidence is as good enough. lol

Ahh, the perks of having a daughter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, a Catholic Holiday of Obligation. Meaning Catholics are enjoined to attend mass before the anointing of ashes to the forehead. Ash Wednesday is believed to be the beginning of the Season of Lent. In 40 days’ time, Good Friday will be observed. If you scrutinize your counting, you can actually get 43 days before the Good Friday and 46 days before the Eastern Sunday. The 40 days of Lent was actually derived after removing all the Sundays in between the Lent period, because Sundays are believed to be a traditional day of repentance. Why in the forehead, the guest priest in the Office explains:
  1. In the old time, marking in the forehead symbolizes ownership. It simply says that as a human this mark shows our commitment to God and to His ownership.
  2. It is a sign of love. Remember when you kiss your love ones on the forehead? It has the same effect.
  3. Forehead tells who you are. And the cross on forehead states your awareness of your mortality and acceptance of God as your savior.
The Holy Father stressed the importance of concern to one another in this season of Lent. Whatever you do you affect your fellow. It is important to do your work in excellence because it will surely have an impact on someone else.

I attended the Ash Wednesday Mass with mi esposo today. It was solemn and uplifting. I wish we can share spiritual awakenings like this more often.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Pug was Born!

Remember the dragon baby I was telling? They’re out! Our dear baby-pet Mash (a pug) gave birth yesterday, February 20. Call it paternal and maternity leave, but yes, we took the day-off to attend to her birth giving. Normally, toy breeds like her delivers via cesarean section, considering their built and structure. Mi esposo also points out to pug's snobby-nose which gives them less breathing capacity especially during birth-labor. It was a good decision to take that leave because apparently Mash' maternal instinct was still set to off as she's a first time mom. She wasn’t able to push her babies out very well. And this is where mi esposo comes in, he served as her midwife. Mi esposo had attended to a lot of dog birth giving before, all of whom were his/our own pets. Okay, the next scenes may gross you out, so excuse me. During Mash’ delivery mi esposo needed to pull some pups out because they got stocked in her pelvic, he also opens the sac and cuts the cord. Mash went to a strenuous 10 hours (normal) delivery (taking 1 hour interval each and 5 hours gap with the last). She had 5 pups, but unfortunately 2 died upon delivery. The first died because she was not able to open the sac (we were still asleep then), the puppy might have been suffocated inside the sac and the other was due to her inability to push. Give Mash a break, she’s new to this, next time I’m sure she’ll do better. We're still so proud of her, no matter what. 

Meet the Pug-tato Family, Mash - the mom, Frenchie - female (fawn), Mojo - male (apricot) and Hashbrown - male (apricot).

I believe all mothers, human or otherwise are instinctively doting to their babies. We tend to care and love our babies more than our own lives. Mash is just a dog, but she shows concern to her pups like you can never imagine. I bet she’ll be a good mother to her little pugtatos.  

Now, meet the puppy-sitter. Mi bebe loves Mash and welcomes her new puppies with excitement. She's like a big sister to them.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Club Balai Isabel Escapade

Mi familia is lucky to be invited for a V-trip to Club Balai Isabel by HBB Flo and her sweetheart Pete and we were luckier our accommodation was courtesy of the couple. The resort is located in a hidden paradise of Talisay, Batangas - right on the shore of world-famous Taal Lake where you can see across the smallest active volcano. With its facilities and amenities it is perfect for destination weddings and corporate events. As a couple with baby on board, we can vouch for its baby friendly environment. It has swimming pool and playground for kids, and offers other activities for adults such as kayaking, sailing and various outdoor and indoor sports. There is also fish spa and butterfly garden. Food in their Terraza Café is delightful and affordable. Not to mention, courteous and attentive staffs. All-in-all, I highly recommend this resort for a family get-away.
Tips for a baby-friendly vacation:
1. Make sure to cover every necessity. Toiletries, cloth, food, milk, toys and first aid kit. You wouldn't want to be caught off guard once the need arise.
2. If you plan to dip your baby on the pool be sure they have a floater and you are always on the lookout, it’s your baby never trust anyone with their life. Make sure to put on bathrobe as soon as they rise from the pool to avoid chilling, hoody robe is recommended.  
3. If its a long drive, be ready for things that will entertain your baby like toys and books. Make sure that food and milk are within reach. Though not strictly implemented in the Philippines, it is always better to put baby on a car seat.
4. Don't forget to bring sun protection like sunblock and wide hats for day and jackets for night strolling.
This is not a travel blog, so allow these photos to speak on my behalf.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lazy MomMa - Not!

Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay on my bed. Yes, that’s me singing. But unlike Bruno Mars, I said it, I said it but I CAN’T ‘cause it is still Friday, I have work and I need to be in the office. I must say, I like that song, it’s funny and groovy at the same time. Unlike this week, dragging and tiring. I had full load this week, not just in the office, not just on being a momma, but both - simultaneously. I literally got my home in the office. Confused? Simple, I brought mi bebe to my workplace. Yes, I can do that. I’m lucky its 1 of the perks of being in the government service, their lenient to mothers. Everybody relates and share sympathy on being yayaless parent and they understand you when you have no choice but to bring your kid in the office (or else you will not report for work). What happened to mi bebe’s yaya? Oh, that requires a totally new post. But mind you, since you have your kid in the office, you must also work doubletime. Imagine me drafting a memorandum while mi bebe’s fingers are on the keyboard as well. At least she answers the phone for me and calls the operator for no reason. Hay, this entails new post altogether. But it was fun, everybody in the office liked her. Ahhh, I missed her now, now that our room is silent and free from her chuckles.

Can a Nanay actually be lazy and tired? Never! But I believe a wife can, sometimes. lol Okay I’ll try my lazy-luck tomorrow with mi esposo.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pig Out at Nuvali

Last weekend, we went to Batangas for a Pre-Valentine's Get-away. The truth is, we were merely accompany to sweethearts Flo and vacationist Pete, it’s his V-treat to his girlfriend. On the way to Batangas, we decided to stop-over at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for a satisfying lunch and among the many restaurants in the place, we choose to dine at Pig Out “Your Family Grilled House”. This restaurant is a country style family grill and is the newest concept of the Bistro Group of Restaurants (the same company that brought us Italianni’s, TGI Fridays, Fish & Co., Flapjacks and Billyrock).

Pig Out's Ambiance: All tables are in long bench-type design without back rest. Perfect for a family picnic vibe. The tables are also spacious enough to accommodate their big plates and serving plates. Such type is also hassle free when it comes to food sharing. There are also widescreen TVs to entertain diners alongside with a stereo music (confusing right). High praises to the dinnerware. The air-conditioning, although not that cool (as evident by the presence of an electric fan) is forgivable. The only problem for me is where to put the baby chair. Using the word "family" in a tagline entails big responsibility, I think the owners should take this into consideration. I tried to bring it up to the manager and she explained that their tables are designed as picnic tables (as if not obvious) and suggested to put the high chair at the center. No, I won’t take that risk. That area is the only access space, it is where everyone pass especially the waiters with food tray, accident happens when you least expect right?

I decided to place it adjacent to me. Although she literally seats at my back, I rather let mi bebe's highchair rest there. It's inconvenient for me but safer for her.

If I were to suggest, I will recommend that instead of 1 long bench, why not divide it into 3 perhaps. Given situations like this, they can just take out one part and insert the baby chair, clever isn't it? And 1 more thing, please don't wait for guests to ask for a highchair, it would be a plus if your staffs are courteous enough to at least offer a seat for babies. Excuse my rants, this is a mom blog expect reviews like that. ;-)

Pig Out's Food: I believe their food is worth raving about. Don't worry health buffs, its not all about pig or pork for that matter, they actually serve a wide array of menu. We had solo order each of grilled tuna belly, peri peri chicken, fried calamari, pork sinigang in 3 kinds (although not sure if its the trade name, it was our favorite), garlic rice and chicharon fried rice. Again, this is not a food blog, I do not have the talent to give detailed description of each food. All I can say is, it's all yummy, satisfying, delicious and great. Try it if your in the area. Price wise, they offer fairly expensive array, specially for their "solo" orders. If you dine, try to consider their "to share" orders and maybe you can get more value for your money. A little spoiler, the chilled orange juice which mi esposo  ordered was actually Minute Maid Pulpy Orange with ice, I saw the bartender pours it straight from the bottle and sells it for P75, incidentally I bought 1 liter for our trip for only P22. I'm not complaining and I do not take it against the resto, I know how the marketing works. Only if I may suggest again, please be a little discreet, some customers may not be as accepting as I am. *wink*

Me MomMa tips: When dinning out with your baby, it is always better to bring their own spoon and fork, in that way you are assured that what their using is clean, sanitized and did not pass from one hand to another and not expose on the table for a long period. And don't forget other essentials like their water and bib and hand sanitizer for you.    

And since we're at Nuvali, we took the time for some photo-ops. I must commend Nuvali for putting up valentine's corner. They were also giving away 1 (uber) long stemmed red rose to couples who availed their boat ride.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

I know I told you I'm not into Valentine's, but apparently this year, mi esposo thinks the other way around. He didn't just buy me a present but added a little drama in handling it over to me. He laid out a very romantic surprise that I almost thought he was proposing all over again. lol 

Early morning, he was persistent to show his wall post over Facebook, I thought it was just his cheesy valentine's message so there's no need to hurry. Seemingly, I was left behind, there were comments from friends already.

Mi bebe is in the office that time, I was too busy I didn't recognize this document at once.

This is what's inside:

Portion of the letter asks me to highlight the whole page and change the font color to black, then another message popped that gave me new instruction:

The hidden message told me to flip my keyboard. Felt like I'm part of the romantic edition of the amazing race. lol  

The message under my keyboard asked me to open the 3rd row of my drawer. Now, that made sense, early on he was eager in putting my bag inside that drawer, he's concealing his gift after all.

At last, I finally found it! 

This is what's inside. It is the "her" version of my anniversary gift to him last year.

To tell you honestly, I was tad expecting this gift, I saw him scouting for this one once. But I didn't expect it would be this way. Thank you so much Ba, my love, mi esposo. Now, this is what Valentine is all about. It's not about the gift, but more on the love you put in it. Labyu lots Ba..mwah