Friday, January 25, 2013

Prepping Up

I was busy these past few days organizing Dos’ baptism. Not that there’s a lot to prepare but because we had a limited time. I was busy waiting for the additional fund in the name of PBB that I lost track of the date. But that’s fine, as I have said, there’s really nothing to prepare. I believe that the rite itself is what most important, so I didn’t make a fuss. I just complied with the church requirements and made a reservation to this restaurant and that’s it, my Dos is set to be baptised. But for documentation purposes, I still designed an invitation which I posted over at facebook-events. I also primed tokens for the godparents. Simple and traditional that’s my way of baptism. Every night, I update Dos of the progress of his 1st public appearance and he never cease to give me a smile. Cute, cute, my heart melts every time.
Aside from the preparation for Dos’ baptism, I also need to prep up personally. It’s been 3 months since I gave birth and it seemed my uterus is still not following directive from her superior. Didn’t she get the memo to go back in shape? I put an urgent note on it, didn't I? Hay, such a hard-headed fellow. Now, I’m thinking, should I join the bandwagon and diet as well? Oh, no, no… never!   

Friday, January 18, 2013

Visiting Toodler

For the 1st time this month, I was able to complete a workweek. I’d like to share the credits to my in-laws for opening their doors for the familia. This week, we stayed at their abode while waiting for a maid to flock, but as to this writing there’s still none. Regardless of the maid, our stay there brought us a lot of perks. For one, it is so proximate our office, we only need few minutes to travel which gives me a little more time to cuddle mi bebes in the morning. This resurrects my desire of having our own place in Manila and “claim” that townhouse along the way to the office, again. Also, since we’re guests, I am not obliged to think and plan for our meal, the food is always there on cue (plus a packed lunch for us).
But what I like the most is the company of playmates Uno is getting. All her cousins’ lives there and since she’s the youngest (sleepyhead Dos doesn’t count here) she enjoys the advantage of the extra patience her older cousins extend. They don’t mind even if she shouts, giggles and plays while doing their homeworks, not even if they are in serious study ala gmat tutor style with their mommies. They still make it a point to throw her a smile.
I’m sure she’ll miss everything when we return home this weekend. I am not sure if I can complete another workweek next week because of this. Lol

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Year That Was

2012 was a year of good memories for me and mi familia, it started out great and ended with a bang. A lot of unexpected things happened that made our lives turned around. I would like to enumerate some of 2012 highlights for keepsake.
JAN: My blog was born. Our pet-daughter got pregnant which got us so excited.
FEB: Bebe Uno started to walk on her own, it took her about 4 months to finally got the courage. Uno also started to overcome her developmental anxieties. Our pet Mash gave birth to 3 cute puppies via normal delivery.
MAR: We were all saddened by the sudden death of our dear pet Mash but at the same time were so joyful about the news of my pregnancy. My pregnancy was a little delicate that’s why I believed that the death of Mash was a sacrifice for my new baby. 
MAY: We’re back home. We stayed at my mama’s house when Uno turned 2 months and at her 19th month we decided that it’s time to go back.
JUN: Celebrated our 4th family anniversary. Since I am not allowed for a plane ride and mi esposo was too lazy to drive, we settled for the next best thing and had our staycation at no less than the Manila Hotel. Luxury at its finest, enjoyed to the max.
SEPT: Our 9th year as a couple was celebrated via lunch date at the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel. Yes, we’re patrons now. I also had my mafia inspired maternity photo shoot that month courtesy of good friends from Pixel Pix.
OCT: Our birth month. I was so touched by the surprised baby shower organized by mi loving esposo. If there’s a highlight amongst the highlights of my 2012 it would be the birth of bebe Dos, a day before my birthday. 
NOV: Mi bebe Uno turned 2. Mi esposo treated me for a post birthday/post congratulatory lunch at the Corniche, Diamond Hotel. My 2 months alone with mi kiddos had begun. So tiring to run the house alone but enjoyed every bit of it.
DEC: Partied left and right. The kiddos met Santa Claus in person. Organized the joint 60th Birthday Bash for my F&MIL, it was a surprised celebration and I was assigned to make-up a lot of lies alibis. Glad it turned out well. The end of my vacation, still maid-less.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013: Another Year

Since this is my 1st post for the year, I think it’s but right to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 1st. So there, now what? Well, I’ve spent the 1st few days of January being mentally and emotionally busy. I’m busy contemplating over a lot of things, mainly of my kids. My maternity leave went past just like that and now that I’m in the office, I can’t get my kids off my mind. I’m occupied of just worrying about them. How I wish I do not need to leave them for work. I wish I could feed and provide for their needs by my love alone. Yes, I can only wish. But hey, even the filthy rich works, even harder than I do. I guess I have to deal with this just like everybody does. Or until I can find other means of earning without leaving home.
Incidentally, my blogging had gone its 1st year last Saturday. I am happy that I am still inspired to write and share my thoughts. I owe it a lot to my niche of course which is mi familia. Although my initial objective was to earn, I’m glad I’ve come to love it per se. But I must never forget why I came here in the 1st This year, I will try a little harder to monetize my posts. I think I’ll start on getting my own domain, I can use up my blog profits last year to buy 1. I hope it’s still enough after that lunch treat for the ever-supportive-non-blogger-niche of mine. During my lunch treat, I was asked by mi esposo of how will I pay the bill, he asked if I know now how to withdraw my paypal money… I answered No! #lagot #alamna. hehe
I hope I can earn like the other bloggers who depends their income on it. I wish that time will come that my niche and my blogging will be under 1 roof, 24/7. 
Have a prosperous 2013 everyone!