Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh, How to Do? What to Do?

I’m back! Not literally though, I was never gone (yet) anyway, it’s just that I made some reconsiderations yesterday and now back to my old cramming style. I have decided since last year that I will not throw a party for mi bebe’s 2nd birthday but with a little sun kiss from mi esposo’s lunch blowout, I changed my mind and in a snap wanted to give her one now. In less than 2 weeks of preparation and with my present condition (about to give birth next week), I feel so positively helpless. Positive because my mind is still in proper order to instruct and decide while helpless because I need a dummy to do things for me. This is obtainable I still believe, the only problem I am seeing is that nobody matches my good taste (ehem), I’ll just have to remind myself to be forgiving and be lesser OC. Hehe

Warning to all possible attendees: this would not be as grand-fabulous as her 1st birthday because 1) budget constraints – I am giving birth remember?, and it’s by CS session which is more costly; 2) I do not have my hands on it; and 3) limited preparation time. Good thing mi esposo okayed my proposal but with the condition of: it must entail lesser work for me (being in the recovery stage) and for him (being the doting caregiver). That leads me to 4) expect a generic fast food chain party, when I say generic it means everything is fast food chain bought items (from food, prizes, loot bag, mascot and decors) and 5) it would be near our house which is in Bulacan.   
So tomorrow we are to scout on nearby fast food chains and inquire about their party packages then we’ll decide on what theme we’ll have for her, so far her current fascinations are Spongebob, Dora and Hello Kitty we will be sticking to one of those. Since me and esposo already agreed, I just hope to get a thumbs up from our dear budget as well (that one would be the hardest to convince).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Time of the Year

                 “I distinctly remember your birthday was last year” - Mother Gothel
            “That’s the thing with birthdays Mother, it’s an annual thing” - Rapunzel

                                                                                                     from the movie Tangled

It’s his birthday once again, mi esposo that is. Let's rather not talk about his age, not that he is concealing it or his in the state of denial but I think it is irrelevant. What’s important is he’s still as playful as a 7 year old boy, charming as a 4 year old child, stand like a 16 year old guy and thinks and speaks like a 45 year old gentleman. That will give you more or else an idea of his age, his 72 (total of all those numbers. lol). Kidding aside, his young and vigorous and proud to be 34 today. 
Birthdays are supposedly fun and happy milestone, isn't it? So let's skip the drama, don’t expect a dramatic post for him full of cheesy words, we’re not that kind of couple, we’d rather tease each other and laugh with our hearts content than display publicly our affection. We can always save our sweet talks inside the bedroom anyway (don’t think green, it’s our only place of solitude (or go ahead, you can think green. lol)). 
What I really would like to say is, I’m glad I married a child, a boy, a guy and a gentleman in one person. With him I have a confidant, a lover, a funnyman and a human fountain of youth – all I’m praying for in a husband (being my driver, runner, houseboy, handyman and nagging-absorber were a bonus). Such a lucky girl I am.   
I know I said I would not say anything cheesy, but please excuse this thought of mine, it's his birthday anyway (since he’s into biking nowadays, let me stick to that): 

               Me: If I was a bike I wouldn’t mind crushing..
               Him: Why?
               Me: Because I don’t want us to break. Boom!
Happy birthday Ba, my labs, my better-half. Be happy and enjoy life. I love you so much.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nesting Instinct

Have you heard of such term? It denotes the urge of pregnant women to clean and organize their house in advance of their baby’s birth. I was not aware of such pregnancy trait until I personally experienced it with bebe uno. We started organizing her nursery 2 months before my due date and in 3 weeks’ time (5 weeks before the due), it was all set - ready and waiting for her to come. And true enough, I gave birth through an emergency CS the week after. She was only 36 weeks basing on the ultrasound, but thankfully the Pedia who was with us during the delivery affirmed that her actual age was already 38 weeks, it was really her time to say hello.

It was actually mama who made me realize this, she said that uno was excited to go out because her room was ready. Maybe that’s the reason why I am delaying the set-up of the new nursery this time around, that’s the reason why I don’t want to show my excitement, I want dos to be delivered exactly on cue. But can you actually delay his coming by not entertaining your instinct? I don’t think so.

My nesting instinct is starting to manifest. But my other instinct tells me to stock-up blog post (especially those that needs to be posted on a specific date). I may not be able to make an update when my maternity leave kicks-in. For sure I’ll be a super duper busy momma attending with kiddos left and right. Well, that’s 1 thing instinct need not tell me.        

Friday, October 12, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

It’s getting near. In 2 hopeful weeks I’m going to deliver our bebe dos. I don’t want or cannot be excited (or at least say or show it) because I want him to come out on our chosen date. He might feel my fervour and decide to give his nanay the favor of popping out sooner than planned. Oh, no baby boy, don’t do that.
Honestly, we are not really that prepared yet, we are still in the process of converting the bedroom into a nursery room (again). Actually, we started reorganizing the room a month before my scheduled CS but stopped last week to give way for my baby shower. We’re still yet to buy newborn baby stuffs, those that cannot be handed down to him by his sister or his cousins. I also plan to pack our hospital bag. I’m hoping against hope to finish it all this weekend. No, my to-do list cannot be associated with cramming. I am not cramming, it was all part of my pregnancy timeline (or at least I want to believe it that way. lol).
It’s going to be a busy weekend for us in the house, I pity mi esposo, I’m sure he cannot go away with his demanding wife. tsk tsk tsk

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My "Surprised" Baby Shower

It was held at my in-laws, actually I knew mi esposo was cooking-up something for me and bebe dos (he told me so it wasn't really a surprise party), but all the details of which was concealed from me. It was all his effort from the thoughtful coordination, listing of menu/guests, to marketing, down to the preparation of the food to feast on that night. I was forbidden to go out of the room but when it was time, oh boy I'm speechless!

Buffet table and decors. Everything was in perfect order.

The Program. It was Flo whom he assigned to prepare the program and host the party. It was hilarious. I kept on reminding myself to tone down my laughter or else I'll give birth right on the spot. 
Cakes. The diaper cake was a gift from my SILs Minnie and Ana, they made it from scratch. The edible cake was a gift from my friends.

Gifts. Dos was given useful gifts by his soon-to-be godparents and well wishers. I'm sure he'll like it as much as I did.     
Thanks to my friends who came and shared their precious night with us. I thank my PILs for opening their doors and my SILs for helping mi esposo out.  

This party would not be as memorable and fun without you.
Most especially, thank you mi lab for putting an effort in all this. I know this is something new to you, that you are not very good in pulling off a surprise but you did a terrific job. You made me and the little one inside my tummy so grateful. I congratulate you and thank you so much, I could not ask for anything more (except for the lazy boy I was telling you. lol). I love you so, so much. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buckle Up for Safety

I can’t remember when mi bebe started to assign herself in the passenger seat. At first, she wanted to seat beside her tatay so we allowed her especially if we’re going for a short trip only. But when we realized that it’s becoming her permanent spot, we decided to buy her a toddler car seat, although using car seat in Manila is not for strict compliance, we still felt the need to get one for her safety. I admire mi bebe for being a responsible passenger, she behaves well, stays still, doesn’t play with the various buttons in front of her and most of all she knows that she needs to wear seatbelt. So far, this set-up fits us right, especially for me and my baby bump. As a back seat passenger, I am free to move around, I can easily provide assistance both to her (giving her milk and/or her pillow) and her tatay (giving toll fees and whatnots) plus my tummy is safe from her accidental hits.

Last Friday, we brought her to office, we didn’t bring her car seat because I thought it’s better for her to seat beside me so she can sleep, but when she boarded instead of lying, she instantly asked for seatbelt. Then she noticed I was not wearing mine, she immediately said “nanay sibelt” although my tummy is not comfortable with it, I had no choice but to wear mine too. The funniest part was when I handed her stuffed toy for her to embrace, she said “no, piglet sibelt”. So there, all 3 of us wearing seatbelt, safe and sound. lol
photo courtesy of Ninang Flo

Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you Think I'll be Rich?

We usually hear from financial experts to not be dependent on a sole source of income, no matter how stable it may seem. They always say to look for opportunity to earn aside from your steady salary. I think it is a logical advice, but no matter how I tried, I really am not a risk taker when there’s money involved – not a criterion of a good business man. What I was thinking is to earn using my skill, talent or interest – which I am still clueless whether I have any of those. lol Being a Korean english tutor is one good option, but I am not sure if I’ll be an effective one. I don’t have formal training and exposure to this kind of profession.
Yes, if you notice, I have tones of excuses and yes I’m tad lazy. I’d rather spend my spare time relaxing than stretching a bone for that extra money. Don’t you think it’s more fun to spend than to work hard to earn? Just teasing (but seriously, it is. hehe). Well, I’m still praying for a typhoon of money or receive a huge inheritance from a multi-rich - unknown relative.
Oh well, at least there’s blogging for me, the closest way in earning extra.     

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Maternity Photo Shoot

Finally, here they are! Photo samplers from my Mafia Themed Maternity Photo Shoot courtesy of good friends from Pixel Pix and Xposure Factory. The shoot was initially planned in 2 locations: 1) rice field with my glamorous mafia mistress costume and 2) by the road side as a mafia girl. But the main photog, Fidel wanted to achieve a good yellow hue from the sky above the rice field and blueish black along the road so we waited a little later before we headed to our location, while killing time we did some practise shoots in the dining table (why in dining table? I’m not sure, Fidel liked our table I guess) wearing an impromptu costume. We didn’t anticipate a quicker sun down so we only had limited shoots along the road, I also forgot to wear my fedora hat, my knee-high stockings and my tie because they were hurrying me up to catch the sunset.
Pixel Pix charges P2,500 for 2hours of maternity photo shoot with unlimited shoots (location and theme of your choice) plus 11x14 blow-up of best chosen shoot in frame. I can say it is so worth it. Fidel was also easy to deal with and was always available (pre and post pictorial) for inquiries and brain storming. He knows his craft and produces a really quality outputs you’ll surely love and treasure.
Enjoy the pictures below! :-)



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Borrowed Angel

What do you need to say to ease a mother’s sorrow? I say none. There is not a word to comfort her, not in her grieving times. You can always say the sweetest thing, give the soundest advice and provide the most comforting guidance but you still cannot stop her from weeping.
There is no greater love than the love she poured over it, the connection between them and the tie that bonded them even for that short span of time. Nobody felt its presence more than she did.
It’s in her, but you can never blame her for losing it. There is nothing or no one to be blamed in the 1st place. Not a worldly grasp can rationalize the reason of such fate. You can never even say it’s God’s will, God would never desire His child’s forlorn. I say not a mortal comprehension. 
Let her cry, let her grieve and let her weep, for at the end of the day, it’s still she who would heal herself. 
There is not a word you can say, but there is always one thing you can do. PRAY for her.

Monday, October 1, 2012

How's My Driving?

The whole agency where I work for was shocked by the news that one of the shuttle bus drivers (D1) got involved with a serious traffic accident. Apparently, he collided with a tricycle and it took its driver’s (D2) life. Investigation revealed that D1 was also a victim of the circumstance, it was D2 who counter flowed which made D1 impossible to avoid. But since there’s life involved the D1 surrendered himself to the police and took full responsibility of the accident. Good thing the lawyers from our Legal Office was there to offer assistance for D1 and were as diligent as the dwi Arizona lawyers. The next thing we knew D1 was out of police detention.
You really cannot trust drivers these days, that I am constantly telling mi esposo every time he holds the wheel. No matter how cautious you are, there are lots of crazy, irresponsible drivers on the loose that would really test your temper. The key I think is to always keep cool and be patient on the road. But I guess the government should really work hard in educating drivers of the traffic rules and reprimand them in case of violation. It is only the law enforcers who can discipline them and revoke their licenses if necessary. Anyway, driving is just a privilege and never a right.