Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silk (4th) Anniversary

I never knew that there were symbols for every year’s milestone until we celebrated our 1st family anniversary [before all I knew were silver (25th), golden (50th) and diamond (75th) anniversaries]. Family anniversary is the term I imposed proposed to call our wedding anniversary, anyway, a wedding is the start of family formation, it is where the couple’s love is sealed and made into a solid union. To make the long explanation short, the more anniversaries, the more reason to celebrate. lol Seriously, I termed it to avoid confusion against our (relationship) anniversary. Since this is a family anniversary, we will have that time of the year where the whole family can celebrate together and we can also have that “just the 2 of us time of the year” during “our” anniversary.

Does that mean our marriage is stronger now? Well, after passing through the paper (1st), cotton (2nd) and leather (3rd) anniversaries, with silk (4th), I can say yes, symbolism wise. It’s harder to tear, it is harder to rip.

But who needs symbolism to tell us we’re solid? As long as the flame of love is still at its burning peak, we know we’ll surpass any ordeal. I’m glad mi esposo and I maintained the bright and positive prospective as we started our relationship 9 years ago. Plus the blessing of additional family members sure does make us sturdier.

I’m excited to celebrate our diamond family anniversary, I hope we can still dance during the reception, I hope our children can afford the expenses for our renewal of vows. lol 

We cling on God’s providence. Thy will be done.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Child Within Me

I always have a soft spot with children. I have the tolerance of keeping up with them. I can speculate it as a gift. I can survive a lifetime just taking care of these cute earth angels (may they be in disguise or genuinely adorable). I am constantly fond of playful, imaginative and sometimes naughty little ones. I think I have the ability to control and discipline them without them hating me.

That’s why I guess I didn’t have a hard time in dealing with mi bebe. Well, aside from the fact that she’s my own, I been an apprentice nanay all my life. When I was really young I was my playmate’s younger sister’s nanay. She grew up closer to me than her sisters, it was their father who branded us as “mag-ina” because we're inseparable. I was in college, when I met a bunch of grade-schoolers, which considered me their mother. I met them through the church organization I belonged to. We eat, play and do things together most of the time since then on.

I remember my mama once said “to maintain your youthful glow you have to stay around with children”. Makes sense don’t you think? Kids don’t think and stresses too much. Kids just enjoy the day and never worry about tomorrow. I’m just in luck I have my own fountain of youth at the comfort of my own home. So last night, I exercised my right to be kid again. As seen below, I played pretend with mi bebe’s dolls. I lined them up and give them each their milk.

But the doll in the middle is my favorite of them all. She never fails to make my youthful glow shine.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's your Game?

On the way home the other day, mi esposo was trying to update me on the latest happenings on the NBA finals. Although not really interested, I tried to listen just so I’ll be posted, as you know everybody is talking about it right now, I don’t want to be left behind. But what’s a girl gotta do? I’m not really interested, so before boredom eats me alive, I came up with a little game, I challenged him to give me a state and I’ll name the team. I grew up with brothers loving basketball passionately so I’m confident – Chicago = Bulls, very easy! Apparently, mi esposo took the challenge seriously and determined to beat me. He gave what he thought as unpopular states and of course I was not able to name the team, but don’t worry fans, I won, he runs out of unpopular states (or so what he thought I'm not familiar with) and I was able to pull it off. I got 4 out of 7.

Although Filipinos loves NBA or basketball for that matter, American seems to love baseball better. When I was younger all I knew was Angels is the baseball team of the Los Angeles, California, I had a baseball cap then, that’s why I know. Thanks to internet I am now more aware of different other teams. And do you know you can actually buy online tickets for the game of the specific team,  like atlanta braves tickets, baltimore orioles tickets and the of course for the boston red sox tickets.

I’m not into sports (actual playing) much, I’m more on the cheerleading and stats side (and muse, if it demands of me). But at least I can fake it. lol

Now, mi esposo, let’s get it on!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Papa

I received a phone call last Friday from my stalker (slash) no. 1 fan (whom I love so dearly) reminding/informing/demanding me that my blog needs an update. He said he’s checking on it every other day and tired of seeing my mother’s day entry. Its father’s day alright, is it his way of telling me to make a good write-up about him? Sorry mi esposo, you’re not my father and it’s not husband’s day. lol This is not for you but let me pay tribute to my papa.

My papa is a man of few words, he seldom says his thoughts but we definitely feel it. He’s never sweet, never showy but we know how much he loves us. He sees our potential and believes in us. He’s supportive and is very proud of our every minute achievement. He’s loyal and dedicated to the family, he worked hard for us. Although he already left us for a better life up there, his wisdom will forever be are guiding light and we will be forever thankful for being the best that he could be.

Well, mi esposo is still an amateur father as compared with papa. He still has a long way to go, still has a lot to learn but I can see his potential. I’m sure, someday, his children will write an entry exactly just like this, maybe better. But for now, he has to be patient and know that he has to work hard to earn such recognition from his kids.

Happy father’s day to all dads reading this. Again, mi esposo, it’s not husband’s day so don’t expect a gift from me. Mwah