Friday, April 26, 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

Mi bebe Dos is 6 months old today. He’s doing fine and growing at his own pace. He incessantly awe and amuse us all the time. My only worry is that my self-made-6-month-post-cesarean-rule also ended today. Meaning, starting this day I can no longer use my surgery as an excuse for being portly. I should oblige myself to help my body go back to its pre-pregnancy physique. During the past 6 months, I didn’t follow strict diet, I didn’t exercise and I didn’t even monitor my weight. But still (modesty aside), I often receive the “parang hindi ka nanganak” complement from colleagues. I don’t know if that’s a complement, do I still have the tummy of a 9-month pregnant woman? Ah, maybe they meant, “parang hindi ka nagbuntis”. Haha #FilipinoUseOfTerminologies 

Honestly, I also made an effort be slim again, in my own lazy way, though. If you’re curious, let me share my lazy ways to staying slim: 

1) Eat breakfast within 1 hour from waking. I just read it somewhere and tried to apply it daily and I think it worked. I do not feel the urge of eating in-between snacks. At times that I do, drinking water does the trick. 
2) Commute (as in public transportation) to office at least 3x a week. Take a jeep, a bus or in my case the LRT, it makes me sweat as much as morning joggers do. It also helps us save a lot in our fuel consumption.
3) Wear heeled shoes. It helps me walk with grace and poise which makes me look slimmer. 
4) Combine tip #’s 2 and 3. This is especially good if I’m running late for work. 
5) Stomach in, consciously, as much as possible. It will definitely help you tone your tummy. 
6) Eat what you want. Don’t deprive yourself from eating the food you want but remember do it in moderation. I still buy big packs of chips, but I now share it with the esposo. So sweet of me. Lol 

That’s basically my lazy routine. If I'll have the luck of industriousness, I might start to work out in the gym. Or, I can always make-up another excuse.J  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Problem Solved

I’ve been meaning to write but somehow losing the drive to do it, it’s 1 of those days again. My mind is pre-occupied with things that thrill me that it only runs around to that thought. Well, anyway. Life has been good to us the past days. Mi esposo and I were particularly thankful for the divine providence assisted to us. We’re a little worried that we cannot pay what’s due in full, but just in the nick of nick, we were blessed to receive unexpected returns. Mi esposo was able to sell his parent’s car (with consent of course). He was able to sell it overnight (overnight, imagine, can you not consider that a miracle?) and received a commission enough to pay our credit card’s bill in full. His parents are upgrading to a better vehicle.

Now, I’m thinking when this car be sold.

with the toddler's seat (baby seat at the back)

This is mi familia’s car, we are selling this because we find it not fitting with our familia’s car requirement anymore. With bebe Dos now boarding we need a 7-seater vehicle. This 5-seater 2009 Honda Civic 1.8s cannot occupy the nannies with us because of the 2 bulky baby car seats (safety 1st for our bebies). We never overload it, this is our baby too. Mi esposo is meticulous in handling this car, I’m sure he’ll shed a tear when this leaves us. Reality check, we do not have the luxury of getting another car without selling this. We’ll deal with that issue when we’re there.        

PS: If anyone interested, you know how to reach me. (That’s, leave a comment with your contact details and we’ll get to you. [Just in case you don’t know how to reach])

PPS: This car is registered under mi esposo’s name, this is a legit sales if

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who Touches Yours?

We, in the government service do not receive monetary compensation for overtimes. In return for the overtime services rendered, we are excused from reporting for work with full pay and benefits in lieu of the overtime pay, this is termed as Compensatory Time-Off. Last Monday (April 8), being a “sandwich day” mi clever esposo filed his compensatory time-off. He might have been excused from his duties in the office but not with the household. That day he was the house’s handyman. He fixed the closet door’s handle, installed the electronic mosquito repellent, fixed the ballast of the dining room’s light and replaced the maid room’s bulb. He even cooked for diner. Hehe But what surprised me that night was the hairdo of Uno. He styled it into 1-length cut. Tadaa!

He is the official haircutter of our girl (the only, actually). I think he has hair fixation, I even remember 1 time he curled my hair for a party (line deleted because the subject reads this blog and may sue me for betrayal of trust. hehe). But everybody seems to praise him with his skill, everyone who sees Uno after a haircut smiles with awe especially when they learn that its mi esposo who cut it (their smile turns into a shy laugh. lol).

But seriously, I wouldn’t trust Uno’s hair to anybody. Cutting toddler’s hair is very challenging and requires a lot of patience and care. Only a doting parent can perform this with outmost diligence. I’m sure our girl could proudly say: “Only Tatay touches my hair, ...”    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Twist of Fate

Caelestis – a name meaning heavenly. 

Our office was scheduled for a Teambuilding last Thursday-Friday. I packed my things with excitement, I knew there’s a lot in stored for us in our destination. I will try rock-climbing, I will zip line and I will definitely eat, sleep and rest a lot. It’s our time to have fun, my me time. But with a sudden turn of events, my baggage and I took a detour to St. Luke’s Hospital, my Ate had a miscarriage. I was in denial, I just can’t believe it at point blank. I was detoured literally, figuratively.

Truth hurts. The child we were praying for her, for almost 2 years didn’t make it to stay with us. The baby was exactly 16.3 weeks of gestation. It was heart-breaking. I cannot find enough words to describe how I feel for her loss. Her loss was my loss. I knew in my mind that she was my surrogate. I knew I cannot say anything that would ease her pain at that time, I was just there crying with her. 

But my Ate was strong as always. She accepted the fate with unquestioning mind and trusting heart. Truly, God will not give a test you cannot endure. I know I will not be in that situation, I will never be able to handle it as she did. 

Caelestis could have been my nephew; she could have been my niece. Caelestis is our heavenly angel.

Monday, April 15, 2013

'Till We Meet Again..

I went for a quick trip to Quiapo recently. I only had few things in my list but still was not able to tick them all. 1 of the things I was not able to buy from my trip was the casing for mi esposo’s phone. He was hoping I could buy him a clip type phone casing he’d been wanting ever since he bought his phone, but was not able to buy him. I was surprised that the vendors in Quiapo Arcade do not have a recall of his unit which is a Sony Xperia S. Since I could only stay there for a limited time, I cannot ask each and every stall, so I left the place empty handed. If only I could buy phone covers from Wireless Emporium, I’m sure it would be a no sweat feat for me.

Though I was not able to tick all that was in my list, I’m glad I was able to grab some good finds. Like the iron board cover and the summer sando for Dos. As usual, stalls from the Quiapo Arcade and Hidalgo Street have a wide array of items; you’ll grab a thing or 2 that you never thought of buying but you actually need. I promised myself I’ll be back there and next time with a vengeance.

Or, better be an iPhone user again. I'm sure the vendors there knows it like the back of  their hand.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Lovin'

I was never out for some recreations during holy weeks, especially on a Black Saturday. But this year, I broke my self-made rule and went to this humble resort in Pandi, Bulacan for some R&R. Anyway, I was with my Visita Iglesia buddies which somehow lessen my guilt. The idea came out of exhaustion from all the walk and were all surprised that it actually pushed thru despite the absence of formal planning. Actually, what made me and mi esposo agreed to join was the kiddos. It was Dos’ 1st swimming experience and Uno’s exposure as well.

We went to Villa Concepcion Wet and Wild Waves for a day swimming and had a great time. The resort offers 2 wave pools and 5 swimming pools plus 4 more pools at the annex. They charge P200/adult and P160/children (4ft above) and senior citizen (with ID). The staffs are very courteous and accommodating despite the huge crowd that day. The resort also offers great amenities like spacious parking space, team building facilities, basketball court, among others. 

Although the sun was scorching hot, the pool water was cool and refreshing. Uno had a great time with his Tatay and swam a lot. Dos on the other hand was overwhelmed by the cool water and cried inside the pool, I have to get him out immediately and wrap him in his robe. It’s the experience we’re there for, after all. 

The little boy did not enjoy as her Ate

He'd rather watch from afar.

She wants her independence. She doesn't want to be held. 

Tatay and daughter bonding. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Potty Training: Success!

At long last, Uno had finally decided to give the potty a try. When she turned 2, about 5 months ago, we decided to introduce her to a potty trainer, we saw the signs and we thought she was ready. At 1st, she enjoyed the idea of pulling her pants off and sitting on the trainer, but never actually peed on it. She pees whenever, wherever. That might have made her realized that it’s weird to have water running in her legs. She cried every time she pees which came to the point that she controls the urge and would not want to pee anymore. We feared she might acquire an infection so we put her diaper back. She was not yet ready.

From that time up to just recently, I prepared her for her potty. Some of the things I did were: 

· I allowed her to watch me inside the bathroom. I assured her that it okay to use the toilet and bathroom is the proper venue for pees. 
· We bought her own trainer which she personally chose. We initially wanted to buy her the trainer which makes sound but she chose the other type (which cost lesser. #Pabor
· I continuously encourage her to use her “toilet”. I let her seat and play with it to familiarize her, even if she has diaper on. 

I was so happy to finally see an actual pee in it last weekend. From then, I made it a point to make her feel proud of herself by: 

her old trainer
 · Praising her deed. Giving her a high five and showing off to other members of the family her achievement (pee on the potty), which made her feel good. 
· I constantly remind her to use the potty. I immediately remove her diaper when she wakes up and tell her every so often to use her toilet. 

I am open that accidents like pees wherever are still unavoidable, but its part of her learning process. At least I have scratched 1 item from my bucket list for Uno. My next goal is to nighttime potty train her and makes her poop in the potty… 

                   her new trainer
And a whole lot more. hehe

Update: As of press time, mi esposo called to inform me that Uno poop on the trainer! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One More Chance

Vacation is over, that I have to constantly remind myself. As much as I would like to stay in bed and cradle my kiddos, I got up, reported to work and blog during office hours do what a responsible employee have to do. Unfortunately, the 4 days-off was still not enough for me to scratch the only thing in my bucket list, to organize my closet, that is. Peeping through my closet always gives me mixed emotions; frustrated because I feel like an irresponsible lady yet fulfilled because I know that I’ve been a responsible mother. Tidying up a closet requires a lot of time, especially the likes of mine whom jungle will be embarrassed, it will surely eat-up some time which is supposedly for my kids. 

Ironically, my kids’ closet is the exact opposite of mine. Theirs are so neat, tidy and well organized. Of course I’m an OC Nanay, what do you expect. I always see to it that I personally put their folded cloths in and only I get their OOTD. Would you believe that I maintain a uniform folding style on each item? That means I re-fold what the nannies had folded if it does not concur with my prescribed pattern. I also observed the FIFO method (First In, First Out, I’m an ex-accountant, remember?lol). 

So what’s the point of this article, I’m really not sure. Maybe praying for another long weekend, we all deserve a second chance after all.