Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Care to Give?

Last weekend, mi esposo chanced upon the movie called the “Caregiver”. Yes, it was my HUSBAND who chose to watch a local-drama-film-starring-d-megastar-Sharon-Cuneta-in-Cinema-One. I have to give emphasis on that, because you know, IT’S THE FIRST TIME! He is not fond of local movies, what more a drama for that. I bet he doesn’t even know that Cinema One exist on cable, until that day. The kids and I fought for our right for better TV programming aka nick, nick, nick, ninick, nick, nick, Nickelodeon! (did you sing it? Boo, you’re too old for it I guess.lol), since he pleaded he’s the head of the family, we let him. Just this one, okay? While he was watching, I was left with no choice but to watch too, I thought I can bear with this, anyway John Estrada was there too. So there, we both saw the movie for the first time (I know, we’re so Jurassic in that aspect). The movie was good, actually. It relates to my own experience having family members working abroad. But since the movie revolves around the medical field (it was “Caregiver”, after all), it was my ex-colleague, Lynnie, whom I remembered the most. 

Lynnie, previously worked for the government agency, where I am still employed at. She was a vigorous Nursing graduate. Since she needed to support her family, she didn’t care less if she was employed as an office staff, even though, it was out of her league. While working, she managed to find time to review for the boards, which she eventually nailed. Now she’s a practicing nurse in New Zealand. She did not have an easy start, but she possessed the same wit, charm and determination to succeed, as how Tita Shawee portrayed it in that film.

As of the latest, Lynnie, together with other Filipino Registered Nurses based in New Zealand, has established a foundation with charitable purpose. She holds the position of no less than the Founder and Chairman of the Caring for Humanity International. It is the reputedly first Filipino-led International Foundation, based in New Zealand, organized to extend assistance to communities across the country and overseas that have been badly devastated by natural calamities or have been exposed to violence. Whoa, I couldn’t be prouder. We, Filipinos should be proud of this. 

Presently, the Foundation is raising fund for the 4,000 displaced families in the 2 coastal towns in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, which were affected by a widespread fire. 

Isn't it touching to know someone across the globe still cared for fellow citizen here. I’m sure it touched your heart and would want to give a little love. You can do so by checking this website.

The movie ended on a happy note, with Tita Shawee finally reunited with her son in London. I hope Lynnie's advocacy never ends.