Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Believe!

Life is full of miracles, every day is a miracle in its own rights. I just realized that the year 2013 is a momentous year for the familia. This year, we are about to celebrate 4 major milestones in our family life that we cannot just brushoff (read: G-A-S-T-O-S year). Come this June is our 5th Familia Anniversary (aka Wedding Anniversary), you know that 5 years marks a big milestones in everything, right? And then, this September mi esposo and I will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a couple. While on October will be Dos’1st birthday and on November will be Uno’s 3rd birthday, it is the 1st birthday where she will fully be aware of the merriments. To culminate these milestones, the esposo and I are thinking of pushing that fancy vacation which was suspended last year due to my pregnancy. We are seriously saving for it now actually. Another thing in the drawing board is gifting the familia with a small business. This can aid our finances and maybe finally can ignite the construction of our dream house.
Speaking of dream house, yesterday, we finally had the gut to stop by the townhouse we are eying for the longest time. The kind sales broker wowed us with their model units and the esposo and I was just drooling the whole time. lol I seriously am shabby as I toured around the house. I wanted to scream I WANT THIS HOUSE at the top of my lungs. Esposo on the other hand had already visualized the placing of the appliances and the furniture. I told you, that was our house! We were so thrilled and were willing to sell everything we have to get it. But reality bites, we went home with shrug shoulders, where in God’s hand will we get 6.9M? We’re just government employees, re-mem-ber?
Oh well, life is still good especially with all these milestones in line. I may not know where to get the money to make everything in our drawing board come to life, but I still believe in miracles. There can be miracle if you believe and that's true.   

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chup Chup!

My baby boy turned 4 months yesterday. He’s now doubling his birth weight and definitely growing too fast and way tooooo heavy. He sleeps lesser in the day and a little longer in the night (long time no see, sleep!). He’s physically stronger and can coordinate little movements. I’m glad that he’s more entertainingly-interactive at this stage. He smiles and laughs a lot, coos and gurgles more. He’s a born sweetheart. Oh, I love him more and more.
But over the weekend, a strange skin rash (which seems like a chickenpox to mi esposo) was seen at some parts of his body. Though I thought otherwise, we still brought him to his Pedia to clear all doubts. We were appeased when the doctor told us it’s an ordinary rash that maybe brought about by either a new soap, bath water or insect bites. 
Dagdag kaalaman: Did you know that newborns whose mother had chickenpox have a natural protective shield against it at least until 6 months of age. That’s according to his Pedia. Now you know! Lol
He was given Bactroban Ointment for the rashes (also applicable to open wounds), an antibiotic and an anti-itch drops. Pretty tough for a 4 month old baby so I omitted the oral intakes and just stick with the cream. So far, his rashes are healing. Pretty soon his skin will be soft and smooth and flawless again.
I forgot to mention Dos is now a sucker. He’s a sucker for his thumb (and his whole hand at times). Welcome to the club son! J

Friday, February 22, 2013

Learning the Ropes

Mi esposo was compelled to work beyond the usual time yesterday, having said that, it led me with no choice but to commute my way home. I thought it would be better to hitch a ride from an officemate and asked her to drop me anywhere where I can get a ride home to save me from the 30 minutes waiting period of the office’s shuttle bus. It turned out that her way was a little out of my way. 
I have been totally dependent with mi esposo when it comes to road and road directions. Every time we’re going to places, it’s him who knows the intricacy of the road ahead. What I usually do is to seatback, buckle-up and criticize his driving if the need arise. lol It’s also been a long time since I used a public ride as my means of transportation (other than the shuttle service of course) so imagine my dilemma yesterday when I was dropped-off to a deserted island (or so I thought). I actually believed I will never see my kids again. Good thing I am literate enough to read the PUJs' signage and smart enough to link a landmark nearest home. It also helped that I am lot prayerful. Hehe The 30 minutes waiting period I was avoiding led me to an hour late at home.
It was a learning experience. Yes, I learned to wait for the shuttle dispatch next time. haha

Friday, February 15, 2013

V-Day Boo Boos

St. Valentine doesn’t actually exist, an officemate told me. He was just fabricated during the times when flowers and chocolates were not as saleable. I agree, Valentine’s Day is a manufactured occasion, but who cares? Giving surprises to our loved ones makes us happy. Gifts and thoughts make people happy. But what if your surprise backfired on you? Like these stories I know which all happened yesterday: 
Back to Sender: The wife loves throwing surprises, so on Valentine’s she made and effort to give her husband something that would help him complete his project. She presented and organized the gift perfectly, and excitedly asked somebody to give it to him. An hour later, the wife was surprised to receive the same thing from her husband, same gift in same presentation.
A Little Too Late: The husband is working abroad. The wife waited the whole morning to receive a greeting from him but since there’s none she made a stand not to greet first. Finally, the husband called late in the afternoon, during the call, the husband was waiting for her to thank him for the sweet gesture, but she did not. Some time later, a bouquet of flowers was delivered to the wife. Apparently, the delivery was scheduled early that day.
Shape Up: The kids was busy in front of the laptop the whole afternoon, the mother kept on telling them to turn it off and focus on other things, kids just ignored her. A little past bed time, the kids went near their mother holding the laptop, it was then that the mother broke her rage for her kids’ hard-headedness. Hesitant with fear, the kids handed her the laptop and asked her to see it. It was an audio-visual presentation for her, their Valentine’s gift.
All's well that ends well. Sometimes, bloopers make relationships more interesting. How’s my Valentine’s been? Well, I technically surprised myself, I’m not sure though if I made myself happy. haha     

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gossip Girls

I remember watching 1 financial analyst lectured on TV, to start he said: when the rich people get-together they talk about business and how to acquire more money, when the middle class meets they talk about gadgets and how they acquired it, when poor people sees, they talk about other people. Funny, but I think it’s not only the social class that prompts gossiping. It can be tracked from the idleness of a person. The less activity you do, the more time you have of watching others and putting colours into things. 
That is most common in a community set-up. Like in my place, my neighbors are always so gracious in updating me about our neighborhood. Weekends are my only time to bond with them but they make sure I’m not left behind. The most recent and the juiciest is the break-up of this young couple. It troubled me because they are close to the family and worst the reason for their break-up is something so hard to mend. Such a waste. 
Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of stories in the office and it’s making me sick. I’m tired of listening to issues that’s beyond my control. I’m tired of commenting and sharing my piece. I’m tired of picturing somebody to fit the story. I’m tired of the fact that I have time to gossip.
I hate gossips. I don’t like talking about gadgets. And I’m not rich.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It Is A Sign!

Every child is a sign that God has not yet given up on man (unknown)
When the story about the end of the world broke last year, I was 1 of those who were sceptic about it. Of course I was raised as a Catholic so I stand by its teachings, the bible tells us that we do not know the time of the end; it will come like a thief in the night. But my silly mind has its works, I thought of loaning from various financial institutions to fund my fancies so that I and my family could experience the “good life”, anyway it might be the end soon and I would not need to pay-up, if not then #BahalaNaSiBatman. Lol
But I got my proper mind working when I learned that I was pregnant. The quotation above was exactly my thoughts (okay not verbatim, but the thought was there). I was sure 2012 was not the end of the world yet because God gave me another baby. New life, new beginnings. 
Since this was my 2nd pregnancy and we had an unused boy’s name from the previous, we decided to give it to him. But I was a little hesitant because I got that name from my favorite band singer son’s name, I don’t want to sound like a fantard, so I researched a little. Gladly and coincidentally, Dos' name is a variant of Ian meaning God is Gracious. Fits perfectly. Come to think of it, my 2nd name is Cristene a girl’s name for Christian in which Ian was derived. Now, that is what you call “connection”. #palusot  
See? Its 2013 and we’re still alive and multiplying. That quotation was my Ate’s FB status, it brought back memories when I read it. I wish her well. I wish all pregnant and trying to conceive well. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Playing Favorites

Fa-vor-it-ism – the practice of treating somebody better than others. 
My Kuya, who’s working in Saudi is coming home soon. He’s not renewing his contract to get a refresher course in Dental Technology, his field of work, for him to get a better chance in applying for work in other countries. Though the intention was good, I don’t buy the idea. He has 2 children and I don’t think it’s wise to give-up a good-paying-stable job without a precise replacement. But Mama supports him and gave him the go. Though Mama would never admit (and as much as possible would not show bluntly), we all grew up believing Kuya was our Mama’s favorite child. But we didn’t take it against him (or even her). Though he got the favor most of the time, we’re not jealous and accepted the situation casually. It’s a perk of being the 1st born.
That’s the way it has been, parents favors the eldest. I was still single then when I asked a mommy friend of her thoughts about it, she said maybe because the eldest is the most anticipated child, it’s with the eldest where parents shared most experience with and they had the solo attention before everybody else came. Hmm, sounds convincing right?
But Office favoritism is another story. Our group feels we are not in our boss pet's list. Since we came from a different mother Office, we are getting the least trust and confidence from her (which should not be the case), thus giving us lesser job assignments. But I would like to stay positive and think that our boss would like us to relax and be not stressed. If you look at the bright side, now, I can surf all I want. Lol 
Guiltily, I also play favorite with almost everything, be it with pillow, dress, shoes and even food. But is my 1st born my favorite child, you asked? I’ll be honest, Uno is my favorite daughter..
.. and Dos is my favorite son. J

Friday, February 1, 2013

"P - O - S - I - T - I - V - E"

What a way to start a month! A “positive” news (and an answered prayer) from somebody so dear reached my very secretive ears today. Although it’s not for the telling yet (as per my own advice), I’m just so excited that I just can’t hide it. I needed an outlet so here am I, saying something without any logic. I’m so non-sense (and excited), what a fool. Lol
Well, even without a concrete sense from the story above, it’s always better to maintain a positive outlook in life. Optimism is the best driving force in achieving one’s goal. Positivity should always be hand-in-hand with hard work to succeed.
And... you can always spell "positive" with two lines. ;-)