Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reward System

December is the most rewarding month of the year, money wise. It is where the bonus and extra bonuses are expected to be received. My employer (who happened to be the Philippine Government) is about to implement a new basis in giving extra bonus next year. It will be a performance-based bonuses which can range from P5000-P35,000 per employee. I am not sure of how the new productivity assessment will work but I am sure it would be a cause of arguments between co-employees once it is implemented. I mean, can you really say that there’s good, better, best office in 1 organization? I still believe that every office must be working together to achieve the mandate of the agency as a whole and should not compete with each other for the sake of getting the “best” reward. Oh, but it was carefully deliberated by genius minds, I am sure my judgement is wrong and the plan would turn out to be beneficial to all ends.
Well, that’s for 2013, for the meantime I think I must collect all the TimothySkykes updates I can get and be able to put my best penny stocks online so that I don’t need to rely on whatever monetary assessment my employer will give me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Days After...

My birthday and my surgery I was able to go out by force again. Although it is not advisable for my condition to travel far, I took a chance and gave mi esposo a nod knowing he was planning for it the whole time. It was so sweet of him to prepare some sort of a reward for my successful delivery (and my birthday as well) and who am I to refuse such offer. But going out means being away from my newborn which gave me a mixed feeling of excitement and the lack of it. But if there’s one good thing from the said time out, well aside from the sumptuous Corniche Lunch Buffet experience, was that it led us to individual insights and newer prospective, pretty petty but yes beneficial for us.

After our lunch, we headed to scout for a 7-seater vehicle, finally. The one we have right now is a 5-seater sedan which can only accommodate the 4 of us (think of a 2 spacious car seats) and no room for any other passengers like the nannies. I was telling mi esposo the need to replace it since time immemorial but it’s only now that he figured it out and became eager to meet his growing family’s demand. We are actually selling our present car (2009 Honda Civic 1.8s) to meet this need, if interested and for complete specification you can leave a comment.

As for me, I just realized I need to start losing my pregnancy belly. They say it will not lose until you wear a binder which I am refusing until that day. But since I figured none of my clothes fit my tummy still, I need to do something about it or else I’ll need to spend the precious family income to buy new set. 

I hope everything materializes in no time, hopefully lesser than 10 days after this posting.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Domesticated Gods

I gave birth a week ago (October 26 to be exact, a day before my birthday) to a bouncing baby boy (ultrasounds are accurate after Mi esposo, myself and so as bebe uno cannot be more blissful with this new addition to our family. I am so glad with the reception uno is giving dos, she does not show jealousy or whatever. She’s so loving and attentive with his needs and provides him affection that she can give. I am also thankful that I am recovering faster as compared to my 1st surgery. I didn’t endure the pain longer than the usual and can perform my normal routine just few days after. Unfortunately, mi esposo cannot enjoy his 2 weeks paternity leave as planned. Our househelp left us unexpectedly a week before my delivery which left him with no choice but to be the domesticated gods.

Having mi esposo during these times is like having a stock simulator. You can entrust him with everything yet you’ll still get a service with a smile. I especially admire him during this trying time because he gets the full load and still has the guts to be enduring and uncomplaining. He’s even more patient now with uno’s tantrums and is very sensitive to her feelings.
His paternity leave is about to expire and it will be my time to be the goddess, I can do it of course, it’s all about WallStreetSurvivor if you’d ask me. The only problem is the kids and I are going to miss him and I cannot help but be emotional every time I think of that.
I just hope he’s not excited to report for work just so he can avoid the