Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tough Rider

It’s been years since I last used the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to transport me to the office. As much as we can, we avail of the shuttle service our dear office provides, yes, we have to leave home super early but in turn we have a very convenient trip. But due to some untoward home emergency today, I felt the need to be reunited with this mode of transportation and as expected it’s as terrible as usual. Today is a workday and I was there on a rush hour, what can be worse than that? I’ve been an LRT commuter almost all my life and over those years I’ve already acquired the skills and technics on how to be a certified tough LRT-rider (that includes effortless walk to the platform, managing not to fall on the rail, squeezing yourself in and balancing inside a cab - all while protecting your most valuable belongings). Yes, I’m certified tough but today I have shown my vulnerability, I am pregnant. Nothing had change in the LRT scenario, but I am just thankful that the courtesy lane had improved, well, I really cannot compare much, it was my first time to avail of this anyway. But based on what I’ve experienced today, there is already a guard stationed at the door allocated for the senior citizens, pregnant, disabled and passengers carrying children and he was there the whole trip to assure that only passengers mentioned can come inside that designated cab.

The courtesy lane was such a big help, but I was late nevertheless.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Drought on Rainy Days

July is supposedly a wet month but ironically, I think it’s a dry month. Ever since we (mi esposo and I) became the breadwinners, July is our most dreaded month – talking about the budgetary aspect, okay let me include August and September (just to pre-empt. lol). During these months, where we, as mere employees, do not receive any additional financial entitlements, these are the months where we solely rely on our net salaries for our household budget. But over the years, we have learned to adjust and surpass this ordeal with a lesser impact on our savings. We’re not financial experts but let me share some of our means in surviving with tighter belt and fitting into a smaller blanket.

Aside from the usual “save on utility expenses” and “shift to a less luxurious lifestyle” you can also add these:

  • Minimize, if not avoid using credit cards. Using credit card leaves an impression that you have a lot of cash-on-hand, so you tend to overbuy. Sometimes you literally have cash-on-hand (since you did not pay in cash) and may divert the use of it to a lesser priority.
  • Turn-off the car AC approximately 500m away from your destination, it saves a lot on gas consumption.
Like they say “this too shall pass”. It’s the 20th, 11 more days and July will be over. 2 more months and we’ll start receiving the most awaited bonus(es) - let's keep hopeful.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's the Hump Day!

Wednesday is my favorite day, I don’t know why, but it is. I may sound unusual and weird to most (if not all) but let me rationalize, I feel light whenever it’s the midweek, feels like I survived the manic-ness of the days before it and Friday is within reach. I know it’s just a mind-over-matter thing but it makes me feel good nevertheless. I also like The Glorious Mystery (a rosary mystery) which is every Wednesday too, maybe a good reason to love the day all the more. Still don’t feel it? Okay, I know I cannot convince others to feel the same way towards the hump day, but at least agree with me that you make a smile whenever you say it unlike the rest. Wed-nes-day = :-)

I’m not making sense I know. But you know what’s freakier about this day thing? For me, among all the days of the week, Friday is my least favorite. I can hear you yell at me right now. lol It is super odd I know but I can feel Monday is coming and hunting me every Friday. nyaha

Oh well, just sharing my two cents here, I still believe that “Every Gising (waking moment) is a Blessing”. Have a happy hump day ahead!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure of an Explorer

We had a fun-filled afternoon last Saturday amidst the heavy downpour of rain. We were in the Metro that day to sleep-over at the in-laws when we received an unexpected party invite which was so hard to resist. It was from mi esposo’s childhood friend and now party-planner Kim (the same person who holds the credit for making mi bebe’s 1st birthday party the talk of the town for weeks). I would love to grace the occasion, I am excited to see what she prepared for her son, I am sure she’ll showcase her (more than usual) best. I also would want to scout fresh idea for my second baby’s birthday next year, it’s never too early to prepare right? lol But unexpected as it is, we were unprepared. We didn’t bring party dresses, we were there to sleep-over right? But I was eager to attend and so as my in-laws, so we made way. Mi esposo borrowed a shirt from his dad, I used the dress I brought which I intended to use to the market (it’s a maternity dress, rest assured it’s modest). What about mi bebe? Buying her new cloths was not ideal for she is blessed to have tons of it back home, I decided to just mix and match the clothes I brought and just buy her a shoe that would match it. My FIL upon hearing the plan offered to pay for the shoes, who are we to decline such offer? lol

I was surprised with mi bebe’s fashion sense, after scanning an array of shoe racks, she picked and would want to fit a Grendha sandals, but knowing how such sandals costs, I didn’t allow her to even try, I know it would be a problem removing it after. But she still cried nonetheless. Her Lolo Daddy was willing to buy it for her but I don’t think it’s practical at her age so I refused. Good thing we saw this, she fell in-love with it (too) at first sight and since this is cheaper by half, we gave-in.

baby fashionista

She was such a glee to watch, she would not want to be carried so she can walk around with her new boots, she would stop at every mirror to look at herself, we were all charmed by her which made her Lola Mommy grabbed a dress to match her boots. Now tell me who’s unprepared?  

at the party

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Pregnancy Update

I had my prenatal check-up last Saturday. According to the calculation of my OB, I am on my fifth month now. And judging through our exchange of words, me and the baby are doing okay. We also listened to my baby’s heartbeat using a doppler, although the OB said the heartbeat was perfect, I still want to know more. I want to make sure everything’s in perfect state. If only I have an x-ray vision, if only I am telepathic, if only checking my baby’s condition inside my tummy is as easy as buying dave matthews band tickets or david crowder band tickets or even death cab for cutie tickets online, unfortunately it's not. 
Well at least I am (my baby is) scheduled for a congenital anomaly scan before this month ends. It is a process wherein the sonographer will point out my baby's heartbeat and parts its body – internal and external, looking at it in detail. I'll get to know more than the heartbeat this time plus I'll get to see my baby again. It is also the time to reveal its sex. Finally, I’ll get to know its sex! I will no longer get some unsolicited fearless forecasts from Madam Auring wannabes around. lol To be honest I still don’t have sex preference even if it’s my second already. Friends often hopes for a boy for us this time, since our first is a girl. I still don’t wish for anything (more than its good health), its still my baby, its a blessing whatever its sex would be.
Come to think of it, we’ve only prepared for a boy’s name. hehe