Monday, November 5, 2012

Domesticated Gods

I gave birth a week ago (October 26 to be exact, a day before my birthday) to a bouncing baby boy (ultrasounds are accurate after Mi esposo, myself and so as bebe uno cannot be more blissful with this new addition to our family. I am so glad with the reception uno is giving dos, she does not show jealousy or whatever. She’s so loving and attentive with his needs and provides him affection that she can give. I am also thankful that I am recovering faster as compared to my 1st surgery. I didn’t endure the pain longer than the usual and can perform my normal routine just few days after. Unfortunately, mi esposo cannot enjoy his 2 weeks paternity leave as planned. Our househelp left us unexpectedly a week before my delivery which left him with no choice but to be the domesticated gods.

Having mi esposo during these times is like having a stock simulator. You can entrust him with everything yet you’ll still get a service with a smile. I especially admire him during this trying time because he gets the full load and still has the guts to be enduring and uncomplaining. He’s even more patient now with uno’s tantrums and is very sensitive to her feelings.
His paternity leave is about to expire and it will be my time to be the goddess, I can do it of course, it’s all about WallStreetSurvivor if you’d ask me. The only problem is the kids and I are going to miss him and I cannot help but be emotional every time I think of that.
I just hope he’s not excited to report for work just so he can avoid the


  1. Hi Ella! Belated happy birthday and congratulations to you and Mac for the newest addition to your beautiful family. Can't help but be envious. Oh well, I guess our time will come, too. God bless! :)

    1. Of course you and Edwin will have your time. And as they say, love, or pregnancy for that matter, is lovelier the 2nd time around. ;-)