Saturday, November 24, 2012

Reward System

December is the most rewarding month of the year, money wise. It is where the bonus and extra bonuses are expected to be received. My employer (who happened to be the Philippine Government) is about to implement a new basis in giving extra bonus next year. It will be a performance-based bonuses which can range from P5000-P35,000 per employee. I am not sure of how the new productivity assessment will work but I am sure it would be a cause of arguments between co-employees once it is implemented. I mean, can you really say that there’s good, better, best office in 1 organization? I still believe that every office must be working together to achieve the mandate of the agency as a whole and should not compete with each other for the sake of getting the “best” reward. Oh, but it was carefully deliberated by genius minds, I am sure my judgement is wrong and the plan would turn out to be beneficial to all ends.
Well, that’s for 2013, for the meantime I think I must collect all the TimothySkykes updates I can get and be able to put my best penny stocks online so that I don’t need to rely on whatever monetary assessment my employer will give me.


  1. Our agency over-performed and an officemate leaked a copy of how much each employee will receive for the performance incentive bonus. Ayy, it was a riot, especially dun sa district office where a very undeserving fellow who practically does nothing will get 25k. (I can't even imagine how his PMS was signed because the boss is strict when it comes to PMS).

    1. True! And the bosses here, after finding the setback of this new rule washed their hands. Dapat kasi equally per employee base on the agency ranking. Magkakasamaan talaga ng loob ang mga tao nyan.