Sunday, December 9, 2012

His' is the Best

There are times when I feel God doesn’t hear my prayer. There’s this typical afternoon.. okay, let me first define what's typical afternoon for me is – it is the time of the day wherein my kiddos are having their mid-day nap and I am free to do the not-taking-care-of-kids-related things like washing of feeding bottles, cooking, washing baby’s cloths, ironing and cleaning (we’re maid-less remember?) within the timeframe of their naptime.
So, on to my story, there’s this typical afternoon where my mind was bombarded with piled-up chores, I incessantly prayed to have it all done and have the luxury of at least 10 minutes rest before 1 of the kiddos wakes up. I was on the middle of the last task when suddenly Dos awakes. I took him and proceeded to the same corner of the bed, our usual feeding spot, only now with cloths ready to be ironed on it. Feeling upset knowing that I will not be able to finish the ironing and will have no time to stretch a bit, I knew I had an unanswered prayer. Staring at the cloths in front of me, I realized I was so relaxed. It was the most comforting feeding time ever. Dos immediately went back to sleep after he finished his milk and I was able to finish my work plus a bonus of 30 minutes break before Uno wakes up.
Sure God did not answer my prayer but He gave me better – an in-between break plus a culminating rest. How could I? Of course, His plan is always better than mine.   

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