Sunday, December 9, 2012

Is It Christmas Yet?

Every year, mi esposo and I prepares a 3-item wish list. We then grant 1 item from the opposing list which will turn as our gift for the other. This year was a bit different, we had an unplanned Christmas shopping and brought each other gifts even before the list was jotted. We also bought a shared gift for the kiddos, which I really, really like. Super early as it is, it is expected that someone will be itchy to open his present, guess who he was.. 
No other than, the youngest (at heart), mi esposo himself. Every day he peeks at his present and tells me how excited he is to finally opening it. After 2 weeks of abstinence, he really cannot control it and finally gave-in to his hunger and begged me to let him open his unwrapped present. He wore it on the same day.
Hay, kids are really impatient with things like this, they can’t wait.         

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