Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stress-Free December

I learned that the company I previously worked for had their Christmas party already. As I was browsing their uploaded photos over Facebook, I can’t help but be nostalgic of my days as an accountant. Yes, I am an accountant before I served the government and be the President’s typist. lol Going back, I know December is a busy month for us in the Finance Department, this is the time where the Book of Accounts are closed and the start of preparation of year-end financial reports for its submission to BIR. We almost always talk about taxes and irs form and other accounting "technical" terms. Hah, so tiring and stressful, I’m glad they already had their party and had fun before their 24-hour shift kicks-in. I’m also glad I won’t need to spend overnights in the office as well just to beat a deadline. Well, I guess being a typist has its perks too. Hehe

As to my present employer, I was touched to receive an sms invite for our Yuletide Party. It was so nice of them to remember me and asks my presence even though I’m on leave. They said I am welcome to tag my kiddos along which made me more excited. I just hope we could attend.

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