Monday, September 23, 2013

Wanted: An Autobot

I just needed to break this coma – coma of writing an article, that is. My last “valid” blog entry was written in July for a story which happened in June, coma indeed right? This coma was simply brought about by overwhelming experiences that was overlapping with each other, overwhelming and overlapping enough that I didn't know which 1 to write 1st. Will I write based on occurrence, based on importance or based on price?lol The last was of course a joke. I just wished I was paid to write, my sponsor stopped sponsoring too, which killed my passion to write. #ImSoMukhangPera #IKnow I also became work-related busy which came side-by-side with the preparations of the past milestones in my personal life, my family life and my life in general (what's the difference between those 3 lives? Nothing, I just thought it's fun to dissect. J). And of course, plain laziness was never out of the list of culprits - or maybe it is the only culprit, after all. 

I sometimes wish my PC can read my mind and automatically type what I’m thinking, or maybe my brain would have an optic nerve or something that can send messages to my PC, transcribed it and viola a blog post. Either way, I know that won’t happen, at least not in this lifetime. So here, I’m trying to keep my acts together, saying nonsense, wasting your time and typing away to break the drought. 

This post is like vocalization of some sort, where every singers needs to do in order to perform well. And so, I wouldn't need to explain in my opening paragraph in case I thought of writing again, tomorrow. I hope I motivated myself well enough, the file in this PC specifically dedicated to blogging is about to self-destruct.    

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