Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Young Star, Superstar

“Photos are the best souvenir you can give your baby”. During those years that babies are unaware of their own antics, only photos can prove that it did exist. I may be a little guilty of not capturing as much precious moments of Dos as compared to Uno before (blame it to the non-existence of a reliable phone camera) but at least I tried to document quite a few.

Last July 5, the family was invited to a party in honor of my good friend’s daughter’s birthday. Since I know that my ever reliable photographer/friend, Fidel, will cover the event, I took the chance and booked him for Dos’ photoshoot session after the party - the occasion, just because Dos can then sit-up. J

Of course you know Fidel if you’re a regular here (just a review, he did a photoshoot with Uno, covered Uno’s 1st birthday party and my maternity photoshoot). He’s a part-time, freelance photographer who learned photography by mere passion (mind you, you’ll be the best once you’re passionate about your craft). Aside from his regular work in the corporate world, he also attends to various photography needs as a 2nd source of income. He operates a photobooth for all occasions, he (photo)covers for various occasions and now he does videography too. I warned you, passions can be lethal. For his complete package and rates you can check Uno Events and Multimedia.

Oh btw, he told me he can give free frame (if you booked any of his photo packages), just tell him you read this article. PW: “Blog ni Hushie”. 

PS: If you're a photo critic and saw some flaws in the following photos, blame me. I have to put watermarks.  



  1. Very nice photos! Ang bilis lumaki ni Dos, ah. Good job to you and Mac! :)

    1. Naku, 8 months plang siya nyan. Mas nakakapagod na siya alagaan ngayon, lakad na ng lakad.

      Thanks. :)