Thursday, September 26, 2013

He's Double 1

My baby boy is exactly 11 months old today. Whoa! That means I only have 1 month to prepare for his birthday party. Preparing for his party was a lot different with his Ate’s. As in, a LOT! Uno’s 1st birthday party preparations were relaxed and cool, to think I only had 1 month of preparations then. Now, I feel stressed and frazzled. Admittedly, money was a big factor here. Then, I only have to say “I like this” or “okay” and the planner will do as told. Now that the family's disposable income is no longer in existence, every detail should be scrutinized. I planned to do everything by myself, to save money.   

But I couldn’t seem to start. All the possible venues I could search online were already reserved. I started scouting for possible venues more than 2 months before the target date but all those that fall within budget were booked, those that weren’t booked yet have sky-rocket rates. I am not talking about a handful of venues here, I think I called-up every-single-party-venues in QC, Ortigas and Manila. Even the planner could no longer give a place that I didn’t know or called yet (yes, I still contracted her, I needed help you know. hehe) Same thing with the party host, the most recommended host/magician online were no longer available. I have to put-up a different show for this 1. I’m thinking, Dos’ birth day must be the happiest day in the Metro with all these simultaneous merrymakings.

With these turn of events, I hope I could still put-out a great party for Dos. I hope this would be as fun and memorable as his Ate’s. I hope that everyone would have a good time.

My kids may be too young to remember their 1st birthday parties, but I will never forget.  

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