Monday, May 7, 2012

Disciplined Love and Affection

I’m so pleased with the mental development of mi bebe. She is growing to be a smart kid. She’s a fast learner, very attentive and responsive with our teachings. She can identify almost everything around her (the parts of her body, the household appliances, her toys and the members of the family). She tries to repeat words thought to her clearly. She can associate virtual things to the actual. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it – that’s the part where I’m afraid. I don’t want mi bebe to grow brat and bitchy.

Although she’s generally sweet and obedient, stubborn moments are hard to avoid especially if there’s spoiler around (not me nor mi esposo, but her grandmamma). Like last night, she cried incessantly just because she wants to go out in the drizzling night. Of course I have to impose proper discipline. I firmly said no and no matter how her lola tried to interfere, I stood by my decision. I believe disciplining starts at the age where a baby starts learning, at the very foundation of knowledge. It may be as simple as saying NO to a situation (but be equipped with the good reason). Last night, I told her, "no, you cannot go out anymore, its night time, its dark and its cold outside". Was she convinced? Of course not, she kept on crying and I let her. I believe parents should always practice disciplined love and affection in order to contribute a good person in the society.

That night, she fell asleep in my embrace.

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