Friday, May 4, 2012

New Life

When I returned to work after my 5 weeks of bed confinement, I was welcomed to a new environment, our group has transferred to a new office. I knew about this plan, I was there when they were drawing it but wasn’t able to witness the actual move-in. Felt like my 1st day again, new familiar faces, new old place. But what I enjoyed about my 1st day was that there’s free lunch and Razon’s halo-halo. Although it was not a welcome or welcome- back treat for me but at least my colleagues were so sweet not to ask for my contribution. It’s actually the birthday of one of our officemates and the rest contributed for a lunch feast (they excluded me, lucky me! lol). I learned that there is a new set-up in our work flow too, a new approach in dealing with our task. New life I told you, adjustment period anew.

But aside from my new life in the office, there is also a new life growing inside my tummy. Yes, I am now on my 13th week of pregnancy. It came as an unexpected surprise which our small family willingly and wholeheartedly welcomed. Dragon baby, why not?