Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Because It's Your Birthday

I grew up under my ate’s (older sister that is) care. She’s only 5 years my senior and yet my mama was able to entrust me and my younger brother with her at home. She’s not the oldest amongst us siblings, but I believe she portrayed that part very well. She’s responsible and very mother-like. She would prepare our food, laundry our clothes (a lot of times I would wake-up naked because she wants my clothes to be washed according to her schedule) and makes (she doesn’t want to teach) my homeworks. We do not have special bond, just plain sisters (don't you think that's the strongest bond?lol). She hates it when I hang-out with her, she would tease me that I idolize her and I refuse to accept that.

But now looking back, I must admit (just don’t tell her), that she had influenced me a lot. I grew up not liking Sharon Cuneta because she prefers Maricel Soriano. I’m not into make-ups because she never dared to put it on her face. She’s witty, smart, funny, strong, responsible and hard-working. Traits that I try so hard to follow. I’m just so lucky to be her sister and be under her care. Sige na, ikaw na idol ko.hehe

Now, that mi bebe is going to be an ate, I hope and pray that she would inherit my ate’s characteristics and would be the best ate her baby sibling could ever have.

PS: I'm not all praises to my ate right now because it's her birthday. No, don't ever think that. ;-p

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  1. thank God for birthdays! you get 1 day of praise from your fans :-)