Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in Front

Okay, I cannot be a full time blogger. That, I proved during my bed confinement. I was ordered to take a rest which lasted for more than 5 weeks. With that span of time I only made 1 post just because it was paid. Admittedly, it’s not a good post, I am planning to revise it when industriousness hits me. But to-date, I’m glad to say that I’m out of my bed, reported back to work and back to blogging.

How do you know, with a long vacation comes pile of pending jobs. Not with my full-time job but more on my blogging. To tell you the truth, I left 2 requests on my office table before my unexpected leave, it needs supporting documents from the requesting parties. But after a month of my absence, they still haven’t complied. So today that I’m back, I sentenced their request “for return without action due to non-compliance”. I hate to be tagged with pending, you know. I’ll also try to update my blogging as much as possible. I have lots of story-telling to share and news to give.

It’s nice to be back in front of my PC.

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