Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honoring Papa

I received a phone call last Friday from my stalker (slash) no. 1 fan (whom I love so dearly) reminding/informing/demanding me that my blog needs an update. He said he’s checking on it every other day and tired of seeing my mother’s day entry. Its father’s day alright, is it his way of telling me to make a good write-up about him? Sorry mi esposo, you’re not my father and it’s not husband’s day. lol This is not for you but let me pay tribute to my papa.

My papa is a man of few words, he seldom says his thoughts but we definitely feel it. He’s never sweet, never showy but we know how much he loves us. He sees our potential and believes in us. He’s supportive and is very proud of our every minute achievement. He’s loyal and dedicated to the family, he worked hard for us. Although he already left us for a better life up there, his wisdom will forever be are guiding light and we will be forever thankful for being the best that he could be.

Well, mi esposo is still an amateur father as compared with papa. He still has a long way to go, still has a lot to learn but I can see his potential. I’m sure, someday, his children will write an entry exactly just like this, maybe better. But for now, he has to be patient and know that he has to work hard to earn such recognition from his kids.

Happy father’s day to all dads reading this. Again, mi esposo, it’s not husband’s day so don’t expect a gift from me. Mwah

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