Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Child Within Me

I always have a soft spot with children. I have the tolerance of keeping up with them. I can speculate it as a gift. I can survive a lifetime just taking care of these cute earth angels (may they be in disguise or genuinely adorable). I am constantly fond of playful, imaginative and sometimes naughty little ones. I think I have the ability to control and discipline them without them hating me.

That’s why I guess I didn’t have a hard time in dealing with mi bebe. Well, aside from the fact that she’s my own, I been an apprentice nanay all my life. When I was really young I was my playmate’s younger sister’s nanay. She grew up closer to me than her sisters, it was their father who branded us as “mag-ina” because we're inseparable. I was in college, when I met a bunch of grade-schoolers, which considered me their mother. I met them through the church organization I belonged to. We eat, play and do things together most of the time since then on.

I remember my mama once said “to maintain your youthful glow you have to stay around with children”. Makes sense don’t you think? Kids don’t think and stresses too much. Kids just enjoy the day and never worry about tomorrow. I’m just in luck I have my own fountain of youth at the comfort of my own home. So last night, I exercised my right to be kid again. As seen below, I played pretend with mi bebe’s dolls. I lined them up and give them each their milk.

But the doll in the middle is my favorite of them all. She never fails to make my youthful glow shine.

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