Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's your Game?

On the way home the other day, mi esposo was trying to update me on the latest happenings on the NBA finals. Although not really interested, I tried to listen just so I’ll be posted, as you know everybody is talking about it right now, I don’t want to be left behind. But what’s a girl gotta do? I’m not really interested, so before boredom eats me alive, I came up with a little game, I challenged him to give me a state and I’ll name the team. I grew up with brothers loving basketball passionately so I’m confident – Chicago = Bulls, very easy! Apparently, mi esposo took the challenge seriously and determined to beat me. He gave what he thought as unpopular states and of course I was not able to name the team, but don’t worry fans, I won, he runs out of unpopular states (or so what he thought I'm not familiar with) and I was able to pull it off. I got 4 out of 7.

Although Filipinos loves NBA or basketball for that matter, American seems to love baseball better. When I was younger all I knew was Angels is the baseball team of the Los Angeles, California, I had a baseball cap then, that’s why I know. Thanks to internet I am now more aware of different other teams. And do you know you can actually buy online tickets for the game of the specific team,  like atlanta braves tickets, baltimore orioles tickets and the of course for the boston red sox tickets.

I’m not into sports (actual playing) much, I’m more on the cheerleading and stats side (and muse, if it demands of me). But at least I can fake it. lol

Now, mi esposo, let’s get it on!

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