Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silk (4th) Anniversary

I never knew that there were symbols for every year’s milestone until we celebrated our 1st family anniversary [before all I knew were silver (25th), golden (50th) and diamond (75th) anniversaries]. Family anniversary is the term I imposed proposed to call our wedding anniversary, anyway, a wedding is the start of family formation, it is where the couple’s love is sealed and made into a solid union. To make the long explanation short, the more anniversaries, the more reason to celebrate. lol Seriously, I termed it to avoid confusion against our (relationship) anniversary. Since this is a family anniversary, we will have that time of the year where the whole family can celebrate together and we can also have that “just the 2 of us time of the year” during “our” anniversary.

Does that mean our marriage is stronger now? Well, after passing through the paper (1st), cotton (2nd) and leather (3rd) anniversaries, with silk (4th), I can say yes, symbolism wise. It’s harder to tear, it is harder to rip.

But who needs symbolism to tell us we’re solid? As long as the flame of love is still at its burning peak, we know we’ll surpass any ordeal. I’m glad mi esposo and I maintained the bright and positive prospective as we started our relationship 9 years ago. Plus the blessing of additional family members sure does make us sturdier.

I’m excited to celebrate our diamond family anniversary, I hope we can still dance during the reception, I hope our children can afford the expenses for our renewal of vows. lol 

We cling on God’s providence. Thy will be done.

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