Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh, How to Do? What to Do?

I’m back! Not literally though, I was never gone (yet) anyway, it’s just that I made some reconsiderations yesterday and now back to my old cramming style. I have decided since last year that I will not throw a party for mi bebe’s 2nd birthday but with a little sun kiss from mi esposo’s lunch blowout, I changed my mind and in a snap wanted to give her one now. In less than 2 weeks of preparation and with my present condition (about to give birth next week), I feel so positively helpless. Positive because my mind is still in proper order to instruct and decide while helpless because I need a dummy to do things for me. This is obtainable I still believe, the only problem I am seeing is that nobody matches my good taste (ehem), I’ll just have to remind myself to be forgiving and be lesser OC. Hehe

Warning to all possible attendees: this would not be as grand-fabulous as her 1st birthday because 1) budget constraints – I am giving birth remember?, and it’s by CS session which is more costly; 2) I do not have my hands on it; and 3) limited preparation time. Good thing mi esposo okayed my proposal but with the condition of: it must entail lesser work for me (being in the recovery stage) and for him (being the doting caregiver). That leads me to 4) expect a generic fast food chain party, when I say generic it means everything is fast food chain bought items (from food, prizes, loot bag, mascot and decors) and 5) it would be near our house which is in Bulacan.   
So tomorrow we are to scout on nearby fast food chains and inquire about their party packages then we’ll decide on what theme we’ll have for her, so far her current fascinations are Spongebob, Dora and Hello Kitty we will be sticking to one of those. Since me and esposo already agreed, I just hope to get a thumbs up from our dear budget as well (that one would be the hardest to convince).

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