Monday, January 14, 2013

2013: Another Year

Since this is my 1st post for the year, I think it’s but right to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 1st. So there, now what? Well, I’ve spent the 1st few days of January being mentally and emotionally busy. I’m busy contemplating over a lot of things, mainly of my kids. My maternity leave went past just like that and now that I’m in the office, I can’t get my kids off my mind. I’m occupied of just worrying about them. How I wish I do not need to leave them for work. I wish I could feed and provide for their needs by my love alone. Yes, I can only wish. But hey, even the filthy rich works, even harder than I do. I guess I have to deal with this just like everybody does. Or until I can find other means of earning without leaving home.
Incidentally, my blogging had gone its 1st year last Saturday. I am happy that I am still inspired to write and share my thoughts. I owe it a lot to my niche of course which is mi familia. Although my initial objective was to earn, I’m glad I’ve come to love it per se. But I must never forget why I came here in the 1st This year, I will try a little harder to monetize my posts. I think I’ll start on getting my own domain, I can use up my blog profits last year to buy 1. I hope it’s still enough after that lunch treat for the ever-supportive-non-blogger-niche of mine. During my lunch treat, I was asked by mi esposo of how will I pay the bill, he asked if I know now how to withdraw my paypal money… I answered No! #lagot #alamna. hehe
I hope I can earn like the other bloggers who depends their income on it. I wish that time will come that my niche and my blogging will be under 1 roof, 24/7. 
Have a prosperous 2013 everyone!


  1. happy 1st blogging anniversary, ella! more to come! :)

    1. Thanks Edel, I'd like to be a pro-blogger like you but I'm still learning the ropes. Can you teach me some fundamentals (like withdrawing my paypal money and getting my own domain)? nyehehe

    2. Hi Ella! Pro-blogger ka dyan, small time blogger lang ako noh. About the "fundamentals," you have to add a local bank account to your Paypal to be able to withdraw (more like transfer) your money. It's found at the Profile menu of your Paypal.Actually, I'm using LBP payroll account for easy monitoring. Haha.

      P.S. Yaman, siguro dami mo na ipon doon! :)

    3. For withdrawal under 7k, Paypal charges P50. If 7k and up, nothing. Plus, our local banks charge a small amount to us for handling the transaction. LBP charges only P100 kaya doon na ako. Other banks charge higher. If you want it charge-free, try getting a Union Bank Eon Account. :)

    4. Thanks for the useful informations. Naku yung ipon ko sa paypal ng 1 year eh 1 month earnings mo lang.. :-P

      Next time pa-tutor naman ako kung pano makakuha ng own domain. I'm sure napag-aralan at nacompare mo na lahat kaya pa-kopya nlang..hehe