Friday, January 18, 2013

Visiting Toodler

For the 1st time this month, I was able to complete a workweek. I’d like to share the credits to my in-laws for opening their doors for the familia. This week, we stayed at their abode while waiting for a maid to flock, but as to this writing there’s still none. Regardless of the maid, our stay there brought us a lot of perks. For one, it is so proximate our office, we only need few minutes to travel which gives me a little more time to cuddle mi bebes in the morning. This resurrects my desire of having our own place in Manila and “claim” that townhouse along the way to the office, again. Also, since we’re guests, I am not obliged to think and plan for our meal, the food is always there on cue (plus a packed lunch for us).
But what I like the most is the company of playmates Uno is getting. All her cousins’ lives there and since she’s the youngest (sleepyhead Dos doesn’t count here) she enjoys the advantage of the extra patience her older cousins extend. They don’t mind even if she shouts, giggles and plays while doing their homeworks, not even if they are in serious study ala gmat tutor style with their mommies. They still make it a point to throw her a smile.
I’m sure she’ll miss everything when we return home this weekend. I am not sure if I can complete another workweek next week because of this. Lol

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