Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Isang Dekada Na!

September 13 is the day we hark back to the start of our relationship. It’s been 10 years now, but I can still feel like it was only yesterday. Time really flies when you’re having fun. It’s a big milestone but we didn’t have anything fancy. We just took the day-off to run to a party-related errand, had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon in hibernation. #AloneatLastAngDrama

It’s was our 10th year, of course I wouldn’t just let it pass. I actually made an effort for this particular gift, it was months in the process. Since the day it was announced that the NBA Global Games will be staged in the country and the esposo made a pronouncement that he NEED-to-catch-it-LIVE, I knew that it was the best gift for him. I stayed attune of the ticket selling, saved money made way to source the fund and waited. Finally, I got it on the 2nd hour (just because I had a credit card issues on the 1st hour) of the 1st day of ticket sales. I had it even before we went to Misibis Bay for our Family Anniversary but thought "our" anniversary was the perfect timing.

On the night of September 13, approximately the same time as when I gave my yes to him 10 years back, I gave my gift. He was elated as usual, surprised, happy and excited. And as a common practise, he didn’t have anything for me. I'm expecting that, so I'm prepared...

I bought 2 tickets, no worries. J    


  1. Happy 10th! Tagal nyo na pala, pero hindi halata, bagets na bagets pa rin kasi kayo. Naks! I like your pagiging sigurista ha, two tickets talaga ang binili. Winner! :)

    1. Thanks. Those 10 years made me "magulang". Alam ko na mangyayari eh, gawan na ng solusyon bago pa maging problema.hahaha