Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ever Changing Mind

Uno wanted to have a Dora themed party for her 3rd birthday. I am not a fan so I kept on persuading her for a cuter theme, Hello Kitty perhaps. But no, she has a mind of her own and insisted on having a Dora party. It’s her party and her decisiveness was admirable, so there, Dora party for her 3rd birthday. I made sure I infuse some Dora related stuff while I prepare for Dos’ basketball party so I won’t cram during the 1 week birthday interval. Not until…

She was given this pair of shoes. She’s so fond of it that she wore this with everything, even in undies. It was as fast as the blink of an eye Hello Kitty was her new Dora. It became her favorite and wanted to have it as her birthday theme.

Me: Diba, you’re having a Dora party.

Her: No, Hello Kitty only.

Me: Oh, no. We cannot change it anymore, I already bought Dora balloons.

Her: It’s okay, just buy Hello Kitty balloons.
You’re so clever baby. Now I’m cramming.

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