Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cough Cough Go Away, Never Come Back Any Day

That was my balloon arrangement for a good friend. She was confined last week due to recurring fever. She is 5 months on the family way. Her lab tests revealed that UTI was the culprit of her fever. She was further diagnosed to be nursing a myoma (you know, I am a myoma-phobic following what it did to my Ate’s pregnancy). We were all relieved after knowing that the location of the fibroid will not do any harm to her developing baby.  

On a relative note, our household is also fighting this infection brought by the “cold” (and cough) weather. You know everybody say “uso talaga ngayon yan”, but I don’t think were a family that goes with what the trend dictates, so we sure hate our situation. It was Uno that was hit 1st, 1 nanny next, me, Dos and esposo, followed. But Dos’ cold and/or cough didn’t manifest early, which was alarming. He was running with on-off fever for several days before it became clear to us that it was just colds. Huh, thank goodness!

For the past week, water and vitamin C was our greatest weapon. It also helped that the kids were nebulized with plain NSS, because it ease their sticky phlegm. Vicks Vaporub also did a great job. Lysol Disinfectant Spray was also helpful. And of course our 1 text away Pedia, was our stress-reliever.
As of today, the other nanny was still uninfected, Uno is now on the 98% recovery stage. I think I’m running 90% now and esposo is now 95% healed. The nanny that was struck has no speaking voice now, so I cannot rate her recovery. Dos run a 37.7 temp last night, but his sleep is getting better, I think he’s on his 60% right now.
I wish we all get well soon. The esposo vowed for a day-out once we’re all 100% okay.

PS: The post's title is my and my little girl's mantra against colds, we sing it to the tune of Rain Rain, Go Away. :)

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