Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oral Health Care

I’d like to admit I had a poor oral hygiene when I was young (I guess everybody went past that stage), as they say, “regret comes in the end”. I now reap what I sow, I have missing molars that need dentures. My kuya who is a dental technician by profession suggests dental implants, it is an artificial tooth that are placed in the jaw, it looks and feel real teeth and it does not alter the natural teeth that is next to the implant. My kuya is working in a hospital in Riyadh right now, how I wish he could make me one (for free ofcourse). But if I may fancy, I would rather have my dental implants Mexico style. I heard the place offers good dental services plus I can visit its spectacular beaches too. Not to mention Mexico offers cheap dental procedures than most part of the world. Dental implants Los Algodones Mexico specifically is the place to be, it is the most peaceful US-Mexico border, which will literally makes patients return home with a big smile.

So now, as part of personal hygiene, I introduced teeth brushing to mi bebe early. I started brushing her gums (yes, I was cleaning her mouth even before her first tooth came out) when she was around 3 months old. It was merely wiping of her gums, tongue and cheeks (inside part) to prevent bacteria build-up and to prepare it for a healthy teeth in the future. I used gauge wrapped around my index finger damped with her drinking water. It is also a good way of introducing oral health care to infants. Mi bebe just loves brushing now, so much that she’ll make sure she’ll make you feel that she doesn’t need ANY help. Lol

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