Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure of an Explorer

We had a fun-filled afternoon last Saturday amidst the heavy downpour of rain. We were in the Metro that day to sleep-over at the in-laws when we received an unexpected party invite which was so hard to resist. It was from mi esposo’s childhood friend and now party-planner Kim (the same person who holds the credit for making mi bebe’s 1st birthday party the talk of the town for weeks). I would love to grace the occasion, I am excited to see what she prepared for her son, I am sure she’ll showcase her (more than usual) best. I also would want to scout fresh idea for my second baby’s birthday next year, it’s never too early to prepare right? lol But unexpected as it is, we were unprepared. We didn’t bring party dresses, we were there to sleep-over right? But I was eager to attend and so as my in-laws, so we made way. Mi esposo borrowed a shirt from his dad, I used the dress I brought which I intended to use to the market (it’s a maternity dress, rest assured it’s modest). What about mi bebe? Buying her new cloths was not ideal for she is blessed to have tons of it back home, I decided to just mix and match the clothes I brought and just buy her a shoe that would match it. My FIL upon hearing the plan offered to pay for the shoes, who are we to decline such offer? lol

I was surprised with mi bebe’s fashion sense, after scanning an array of shoe racks, she picked and would want to fit a Grendha sandals, but knowing how such sandals costs, I didn’t allow her to even try, I know it would be a problem removing it after. But she still cried nonetheless. Her Lolo Daddy was willing to buy it for her but I don’t think it’s practical at her age so I refused. Good thing we saw this, she fell in-love with it (too) at first sight and since this is cheaper by half, we gave-in.

baby fashionista

She was such a glee to watch, she would not want to be carried so she can walk around with her new boots, she would stop at every mirror to look at herself, we were all charmed by her which made her Lola Mommy grabbed a dress to match her boots. Now tell me who’s unprepared?  

at the party

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  1. cutie ni lara.. looks like she's having fun..nice outfit.. the boots are great!