Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's the Hump Day!

Wednesday is my favorite day, I don’t know why, but it is. I may sound unusual and weird to most (if not all) but let me rationalize, I feel light whenever it’s the midweek, feels like I survived the manic-ness of the days before it and Friday is within reach. I know it’s just a mind-over-matter thing but it makes me feel good nevertheless. I also like The Glorious Mystery (a rosary mystery) which is every Wednesday too, maybe a good reason to love the day all the more. Still don’t feel it? Okay, I know I cannot convince others to feel the same way towards the hump day, but at least agree with me that you make a smile whenever you say it unlike the rest. Wed-nes-day = :-)

I’m not making sense I know. But you know what’s freakier about this day thing? For me, among all the days of the week, Friday is my least favorite. I can hear you yell at me right now. lol It is super odd I know but I can feel Monday is coming and hunting me every Friday. nyaha

Oh well, just sharing my two cents here, I still believe that “Every Gising (waking moment) is a Blessing”. Have a happy hump day ahead!

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