Friday, July 20, 2012

Drought on Rainy Days

July is supposedly a wet month but ironically, I think it’s a dry month. Ever since we (mi esposo and I) became the breadwinners, July is our most dreaded month – talking about the budgetary aspect, okay let me include August and September (just to pre-empt. lol). During these months, where we, as mere employees, do not receive any additional financial entitlements, these are the months where we solely rely on our net salaries for our household budget. But over the years, we have learned to adjust and surpass this ordeal with a lesser impact on our savings. We’re not financial experts but let me share some of our means in surviving with tighter belt and fitting into a smaller blanket.

Aside from the usual “save on utility expenses” and “shift to a less luxurious lifestyle” you can also add these:

  • Minimize, if not avoid using credit cards. Using credit card leaves an impression that you have a lot of cash-on-hand, so you tend to overbuy. Sometimes you literally have cash-on-hand (since you did not pay in cash) and may divert the use of it to a lesser priority.
  • Turn-off the car AC approximately 500m away from your destination, it saves a lot on gas consumption.
Like they say “this too shall pass”. It’s the 20th, 11 more days and July will be over. 2 more months and we’ll start receiving the most awaited bonus(es) - let's keep hopeful.

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