Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tough Rider

It’s been years since I last used the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to transport me to the office. As much as we can, we avail of the shuttle service our dear office provides, yes, we have to leave home super early but in turn we have a very convenient trip. But due to some untoward home emergency today, I felt the need to be reunited with this mode of transportation and as expected it’s as terrible as usual. Today is a workday and I was there on a rush hour, what can be worse than that? I’ve been an LRT commuter almost all my life and over those years I’ve already acquired the skills and technics on how to be a certified tough LRT-rider (that includes effortless walk to the platform, managing not to fall on the rail, squeezing yourself in and balancing inside a cab - all while protecting your most valuable belongings). Yes, I’m certified tough but today I have shown my vulnerability, I am pregnant. Nothing had change in the LRT scenario, but I am just thankful that the courtesy lane had improved, well, I really cannot compare much, it was my first time to avail of this anyway. But based on what I’ve experienced today, there is already a guard stationed at the door allocated for the senior citizens, pregnant, disabled and passengers carrying children and he was there the whole trip to assure that only passengers mentioned can come inside that designated cab.

The courtesy lane was such a big help, but I was late nevertheless.

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