Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family M.E.E.L. Time

1 thing about me that I am not proud of is the fact that I don’t like sharing my good recipes. More so when people commend me of a good dish I made, that signals me to keep it all the more. I don’t know, but life has its way of teasing that after you’ve been praised for a good dish, the customary “how did you do it?” clause follows. My reply is always “just the usual procedure” and then makes a graceful exit to avoid further interrogations. I’m not sure of the roots of this attitude, maybe because I want to keep a family culinary heritage like Mama Sita or I want mine to mine alone. But the truth is, I am just shy to reveal my shortcuts. I feel that I am a cheater, I cheat and do a lot of shortcuts in the kitchen that I feel I’ll be judged by the cooking gurus.

But things changed, I realized that it is already acceptable to cook according to your preference and of your patron’s. I don’t like to pretend anymore that I strictly follow what’s in the cooking bible. I’d like to share my simple and realistic recipes to somehow help working mothers like me feed their families in the fastest way possible. Although I am no gourmet expert, I’d like to think my dishes are edible enough to fill anyone’s tummy. And most of all, I’d like to influence the world to cheat in the kitchen. Haha      

I’m cooking and I’m sharing how now. Visit my recipe blog ourmealtime.blogspot.com. Please?


  1. Haha, ako rin I just experiment in the kitchen kaya hindi ma-share ang recipe sa ibang tao. Puro shortcuts at imbento. I always try to make use of what's left in the fridge. I hate wastage eh. Saka wala ako masyadong alam na cooking lingo kya hirap talaga magshare sa blog ng recipes ko.

    Good luck on your new blog, hope mag-share ka din don ng dining experiences nyo sa mga restos na tinatry nyo para recipe and food blog in one na rin. :)

    1. Naku, yung lingo talaga ang problema ko, even when checking out recipes parang too technical dating sa'kin kaya naisipan ko gumawa ng sarili kong recipe blog. Just in case meron mga kagaya ko out there.

      Plano ko din magshare ng dining expereince, but just the same, problema ko pa din terms and lingos. Good luck talaga sa'kin. hehe

      X-link naman tayo ng food blog.

    2. Added your food blog na, sa blogroll ng food blog ko. Right side bar, under Blogmates, letter F. Happy blogging! :)

    3. Thanks. I already added yours too, kahapon pa.hehe

  2. I love cooking too. I had another blog. I think you already visited it.