Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Room Nurse"

The term is all over the news nowadays and it greatly offended the Filipino nursing community, worldwide. Although the former lawmaker had retracted and apologized for using such terminology, I would still agree that there is such. But they are not the under-board nurses, not the caregivers, not even the nursing undergraduates, but they are us, mothers. Mothers are the room nurses.
Yesterday, my good friend/officemate had a good migraine attack. She was throwing-up and was hitting her head until she can no longer tolerate the pain and burst into tears. I suggested that she call her mother to bring her home immediately. But while waiting for her mother, I was with her the whole time. We stayed at the office’s pantry and there I tried to provide her comfort. I improvised an iced bag, monitored her vomits and massage her head. I also made sure she was comfortably in lying position. When she met the 30 minutes no-vomit requirement, I asked her to drink her medicine. That’s when she fell asleep. She was sleeping when her mother called-up to check on her, I answered the phone and reported the things I did, when I heard her told me that what I did was right and exactly what she will do, that’s when I realized that I am a full-pledged doting mother.
Of course I would not know what to do had I not had a hands-on training. I am glad my 2 years of experience as a mother was enough to take care of my sick friend. I believe that if you give your loving heart, you’ll provide the best care, nurse or mother alike.

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