Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Terribly Fine

The “terrible twos” is a term used for a child's (mostly aged 2) developmental stage categorized by temper tantrums, saying “no” to everything, or refusing to do as told. My Uno is in that stage. Our nightly routine with her had changed significantly triggering mi esposo to tag her as a hard-headed kid. Her night baths becomes her crying den. Our dinner becomes a warzone. She traded our R&Rs and snuggles with her tantrums. She may have mastered the craft of being a terrible twos but I’m still elated to see what she’s up to next. Here’s why she can smite me with her shrewdness:
  • She’s affectionate. She’s not allowed to get off the bed after lights-off but would break all the rules, stand and say “no, kiss Eon first” (even if the price is waking him up) and will instruct me to do the same saying “Nanay next”.
  • She’s a charmer. The way she walks-out and the way she says “bala ka!” when not given what she wants is really something to look forward to and laugh about.
  • She’s a leader. She knows what she wants and her playmates submit; she’s our boss “ECON!” (aircon on, if you want her to sleep)
  • She can control her emotion. She’s crying from a meltdown and then dances with a smile automatically to the tune of Oppa Gangnam Style when she hears even a single note of it.
  • She’s so helpful. She knows better all the time and fight it off to do it for you saying “no, Yaya (that how she pronounces her name) only”.
  • She's a great student. She drags me off the kitchen during my cooking sessions to show me how she cooks in her kitchen, the result: half cook meals.
  • She’s apologetic. She’ll say “tsorry”  the moment she stood up from wherever she slummed at during temper attack, in case you didn’t hear it, she will repeat it in your face.
She’s terrible, but I’d rather embrace it than miss it when this stage is over and wish it hadn't gone so fast.


  1. My son is almost over the "terrible twos" stage but the "tortuous three" is much challenging as experts say. But anyway, even at such stages our toddlers are amazingly fast learner, very affectionate, charming and lovable.

    Mommy Maye

    1. What tortuous three? Sounds like torture to me. lol Thanks for the warning.

  2. Such a sweet and tender post. My nephew is also two, but not at all terrible! :)

    1. She's actually generally sweet and tolerable. Her being terrible can be entertaining most of the Kudos to your nephew for being a good boy.