Friday, March 1, 2013

Dress Up, Prep Up!

My officemate’s son just had his Junior-Senior Prom. Stage mother as she is, she was the one who canvassed and bought the suit that he wore. She even took the half-day from work just to witness her son’s prom herself, she was as thrilled as a junior highschool. The next day she ecstatically announced that her son was chosen as the Prom King. We congratulated her as if it’s she who won. lol 

It is a lot easier to dress a man for formal occasions but it’s a different story for us ladies. There are a lot of factors to consider, from make-up, shoes, bags, accessories and most importantly the dress. I remember my Mama was also as supportive during my prom, the only difference was (and thank goodness) she was not there during the prom (she just fetch me right after. hehe). She also helped me choose the gown to wear, suggested an appropriate hair and make-up and gave me accessories that would match my gown. Although my dress was not as chic as the watters bridesmaid dresses (you know the gown trending at that time, hello puffy shoulders!), it still depicted my personality and helped me gain the confidence I needed to enjoy the prom. I may not be the Prom Queen but still my Mama was fulfilled. 

As a mother myself, I know my time to support my kiddos’ red carpet moments will come too. And I’m sure I’ll be more exhilarated than all stage mothers combined. I just hope it’s not about Weddingtonway right away. How about awarding ceremonies first, please?


  1. It's fun playing dress up diba, more so when it's for a milestone or a special occasion like a prom or a ceremony. Pero kahit dressup lang for parties and such, fun na rin. :)

    1. I agree, I can especially relate now that I have a real life barbie, my daughter.