Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Maternity Photo Shoot

Finally, here they are! Photo samplers from my Mafia Themed Maternity Photo Shoot courtesy of good friends from Pixel Pix and Xposure Factory. The shoot was initially planned in 2 locations: 1) rice field with my glamorous mafia mistress costume and 2) by the road side as a mafia girl. But the main photog, Fidel wanted to achieve a good yellow hue from the sky above the rice field and blueish black along the road so we waited a little later before we headed to our location, while killing time we did some practise shoots in the dining table (why in dining table? I’m not sure, Fidel liked our table I guess) wearing an impromptu costume. We didn’t anticipate a quicker sun down so we only had limited shoots along the road, I also forgot to wear my fedora hat, my knee-high stockings and my tie because they were hurrying me up to catch the sunset.
Pixel Pix charges P2,500 for 2hours of maternity photo shoot with unlimited shoots (location and theme of your choice) plus 11x14 blow-up of best chosen shoot in frame. I can say it is so worth it. Fidel was also easy to deal with and was always available (pre and post pictorial) for inquiries and brain storming. He knows his craft and produces a really quality outputs you’ll surely love and treasure.
Enjoy the pictures below! :-)



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