Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Shower

My highschool best buds (HBB) are scheduled for a get-together this weekend. It's actually for our annual Christmas party, it’s long overdue I know, but it’s still better than never. =) Everybody seems to be pre-occupied last season to cause this delay, but at least it’s happening. Having said that, we the geniuses among the group, felt that we needed to come-up with "something" to cut down contribution expense (genius I told you) make it more meaningful. Since our HBBs’ wife is due on Feb. why not throw her a surprise Baby Shower? In that way, the couple will shoulder the food expense it would be more special for them as it will be their first born. They will be having a baby girl, and they're naming her Courteney Ysabelle Therese, nice right? 

Fidel (the daddy-to-be) initially wanted for a baby boy, he would joke that he would raise his son as a muslim to marry all of our daughters. Talking about karma this early, huh? lol Anyway, regardless of the baby's sex, the gang is still excited for the new addition to our 4A family. Here is the photo of the gorgeous mommy-to-be, Faith.

mommy-to-be Faith at her pre-natal photoshoot
Fidel took that photo above, he is btw a part-time - freelance photographer. He used to take photos as a hobby, he's earning extra for his passion now. Last year, he even ask mi bebe to pose for him to be included in his portfolio. Ofcourse, stage-nanay as I am, I gamely agreed (even if it would cause a little lump for mi bebe here and there). Mi bebe is still learning to sit by herself that time, she's only 7 months. Here are some of Fidel's shots:

 Other HBBs were also there to take mi bebe's photo, but I only choose to post photos from Fidel, since this is a mini-tribute for the parents-to-be. Some behind the scene photos: 

lightman cum clown cum alalay mi esposo with unpreggy (yet) Faith 
daddy-to-be Fidel showing me the raw footages of mi bebe
the HBBs (we're at CME, it's a swimming get-together cum photoshoot)

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