Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dos' 1st Birthday Party

When I was preparing for Dos’1st birthday party, the internet was very useful to me. All the possible suppliers, from venues to caterers where sourced from the web. I also relied on various reviews and feedbacks of various clients before me. So I thought it is but right to share my own experience for soon to be clients. I don’t want to call this suppliers rating though, but just my two cents.

VENUE: Brgy. West Triangle Multipurpose Hall, West Triangle, Quezon City

It is at the 2nd floor of the barangay hall. Parking was a problem. Locating the main hall was a problem because there were no signage’s leading the hall and all the barangay mobiles/fire trucks, and during that time, a food stall was blocking the entrance. But other than that, there was nothing more to complain about it. It was well lighted, spacious and easy to dress. The barangay people are easy to talk with, they were very accommodating specially with my requests. I was assured by the person in-charged that it’s going to be cool come party time but I thought otherwise. I cannot fully complain though because the staff pointed out that we brought a freezer inside (ice cream maker actually, which was worst. I think.hehe), he said he had to regulate the energy use in order to have a stable electricity flow.


Ceiling Décor – Let’s Paint ‘d Town Red Party (LPDTR) Balloon Décor and Party Services. No sweat dealing with these people. Kim was already our suki, she provides only with high calibre decorations.

Table Centerpieces – DIY

Stage backdrop – DIY by my darling esposo


Stage pillars, cake ark and all other balloon decorations – LPDTR staffs. Though I dreamt of DYIng those, they were too epal to get the balloons from me and set it up themselves, and I loved them for doing so. 


Adult Food – Verleo Catering. It is safe to say that the food was enjoyed by everyone. The food was sumptuous and was generous. Verleo people were very accommodating from the account executive that planned with me down to the wait staffs. The only setback was that I thought (and the head waiter acknowledges) that the rectangular tables I requested was too small for 8 people. They also brought a table top type of table linen instead of the table runner I requested. So they re-ordered those from their head office and came a little late. There were already some guests and yet they were still finalizing their set up.   

Kiddie Food – Jollibee chicken spaghetti, juice from grocery and mini cupcakes courtesy of Cookcakes.

Dessert table – through the generosity of Kim from LPDTR. I initially planned to make it as additional table centrepiece, so we just bought candies from All About Baking, crackers from a local supplier and popcorn from Chef Tony’s. But Kim of LPDTR told us that she’s gifting the family with additional goodies for the dessert table and would lend us her glassware and a staff dedicated to replenish the goodies. How can I complain, so I made the decors in rush.

Food carts (contracted thru Kim of LPDTR)


Champola Blast – so yummy and uniquely presented. You have to double check the electric current of your venue though for their ice cream maker. I heard from Kim that at 1 event she hosted, the current fluctuated every time they produce ice cream. In my case, lesser airconditioner was turned on.

Waffle Dog – it was sold out. I can equate that to being good.

Birthday Cake – Cookcakes by Liz. I submitted a prototype design and Liz, the baker, made a rather good rendition. The cake was soft and moist and the fondant was just as good.  

HOST/ENTERTAINER: (Contracted thru Kim of LPDTR)



Glenn the Yoyo Master – party hosting (English speaking), game facilitating and yoyo show plus sound system. He’s so energetic and funny. It was also a plus that he came in-theme and he boast that it was brand new. He said, he asked his staff to buy him Laker’s jersey upon seeing the venue (apparently, he was wearing a Bull’s jersey He performed superb yoyo tricks that were so, ummm, inspiring. Just look at this little kid.hehe

Master Dem the Magician – magic show. It was a surprise from my SIL. Apparently, she contacted Kim and asked what she can contribute for the party and there he was. Although I like his magic skills, fast and accurate, I just don’t think its kid friendly. He used a lot of knifes and swords tricks which I don’t really like the kids to see. My heart still belongs to Wizzo (sorry I have to say that). 

Minion Mascot – ah, well, to be the mascot. He was originally scheduled for 2 appearances but since Uno was really terrified, I cancelled its second appearance. He was a hit with the bigger kids and the biggest kids though he didn’t do anything but to stand in front of everybody.



Party wear – made-to-order jersey from the local jersey maker. The esposo designed it, patterning from the Laker’s jersey.

Give-aways – customised stools from Wooden Kiddie Stool. I submitted the design and pay the down payment and did not hear anything from Jennifer, the proprietor. No confirmation, no whatever. I think it was kind of rude to treat clients like that. And came the pick-up date, she miraculously replied asking me for my preferred pick-up date. As in, hello? You made the job order right? The stool was good though and everybody liked it, even the adults were asking for a piece.      

Balloon Burst - LPDTR

Game prizes from Divisoria   

Other party decors (signage, menu cards, foam finger that also serves as name tags) – DIY   

Guest book – DIY thru Fotosnaps (

Videography – Fidel of Uno Events and Multimedia. He was creative, knowledgeable and professional. Enough qualities for a videographer. He also does photography and also offers photobooth.  

So that basically was my son's 1st birthday party. A true labor of hard work and collective effort of those who care. 


  1. how much nagastos mo sis?

  2. I am just in love with this 1st Birthday Party. I am sure that everyone enjoyed this bash to the fullest. On my son’s birthday I will also throw a mickey mouse themed party at one of the best kids’ special New York Event Venues. I would also be appointing a party planner for the arrangements.