Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mess Up Project Update

I started my little brilliant project of wrecking the house last Saturday. I never realized it was this difficult. The mere trying-to-figure-out-how-to-make-my-ideas-come-to-life was exhausting on its own. I was there, looking blankly at the furniture and the only solution I can think of was to throw everything.hehe Someone must invent a superlative term for the word “fully-furnished” (or should I educate the MIL about being minimalist). Anyway, I decided I cannot make the tweaking until after Christmas, I must give way and allot space for the tree for the season.

the tree needs more lights and ornaments, I know 

garland set-up at the room entrance. the little girl hands me the ornaments while the boys were watching the boxing match

So there, the tree is set. It’s only a temporary set-up though. The family will still have to dress it up more. I just started it so the little girl would be preoccupied during the Pacquiao fight and give her tatay an uninterrupted watching time (but not actually, he had the little boy.hihi) 

Going back to the project, I am proud to present mi esposo’s contribution (lagot ka sa mommy mo). I requested him to adjust the curtain rod to emphasize the window. My research (see, my wrecking project is based on facts) showed that we must give enough allowance between the curtain and the window. This will allow more light and air to come inside the house. This will also make an illusion of a framed window, thus will define your windows more.

The one in the house was a no-no

original position of the rod

Mackoy at work. I was able to hire that machong handyman for free, all I did was to marry him.ahihi

See the difference? The book says, it must be that (right rod) high and wide. I'm excited already. 

There, it’s adjusted (the left side was adjusted too, of course). All I have to do is to sew the fabric for the curtain. Actually, I will only cut the fabric (I never am a good sewer). I wanted to pass the sewing part to my SIL but I am not sure if she will be able to return it to me at least before the year ends, so I think I have to rely on the nannies. I will ask them to hand sew it for me.

I hope we’ll be able to put everything together before my PIL comes back from the US (or they’ll notice the curtain rod mess up, palo kami!).


  1. Mahirap din pala pag SUPER fully furnished ang house, hirap ire-decorate sa dami ng gamit. Hehe.

    Oh, I like that fact about windows and curtains!

    I'm never a good sewer (using a machine), either. Tahing kamay lang ang alam ko at doon ako magaling (masakit nga lang sa batok kapag matagal). :)

    1. Naku, sinabi mo pa. Pag napaluwag ko yung isang area, siguradong yung isang area naman ang cramped.So, yon ang superlative word, akala ko fulliest-furnished eh.hehe

      Lumaki nga trabaho dahil dyan sa ideal positioning ng curtain sa window na yan. Nagmukmok na naman tuloy yung isa (Mac).

      Buti ka pa, ako kahit sa kamay bokya, lagi ang mama ko nagtatahi sa mga project ko sa Home Economics noon.hehe