Friday, November 22, 2013

PROJECT: Home Improvement - ON

Mi familia currently lives in a house owned by my in-laws. After we got married, my PIL was so kind to offer their house for us to live-in while we are still searching for a house of our own. Since, they’ll also be transferring to QC that time, it would be perfect to leave their house with their son. I initially opposed to that plan. I suggested we rent a place instead because I thought I can move freely when I’m at my own house but later on agreed for practical reason. We were blessed to acquire house and lot during our first few months together, but since it needed a lot of renovation, we decided to sell it after a year. We used the proceeds to buy a residential lot in a prime village within the area. Then we planned the construction, we actually had the design and was finalizing some details when we got pregnant. You know the superstition, so no house construction took place. When I gave birth, we were forced to transfer to my mama’s so she could look after Uno. We technically maintained 2 houses, no need to add another just yet. When we thought Uno can be trusted to a yaya and we can start our little house construction project, we got pregnant again.

My in-laws house was in perfect fit when I came in, fully furnished and all. Although it was not actually in my taste and style, I didn’t dare touch anything (see that’s why I wanted to rent). We always thought the set-up was only temporary. But come to think of it, we’ve been living there for more than 5 years now. I think everybody needs to accept the fact that 5 years isn’t temporary.

So now, I’m starting my little project which I’m calling “Mom, I mess up your house”. It's a home make-over project of some sort which I think will turn the house far from how it used to be. I’ll incorporate my own style, add more color and pattern that will depict the age of the present dwellers. Shhh, don’t tell her I said the last part.hihi

I’ll focus on the living area 1st and I’m setting a budget of P5,000 (which is still not available). Let’s see where it would take me. But as I have said, the house is fully furnished, so I just have to squeeze my creative juices ala Martha Stewart and improve whatever is already there (which I think would really mess up everything.hehe). I hope my MIL would still trust me with her house after this. Nyay!   

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