Monday, November 18, 2013

Uno's Hello Kitty Party

Exactly 7 days after Dos’ birthday was Uno’s 3rd birthday. I wrote before that I planned to give her something special, it’s her special day after all. It was my belief that the 3rd birthday is the 1st birthday counterpart for the kids themselves. It is when they’re 3 that they can really appreciate and can be fully aware of what is happening around them. I was really thinking of throwing a big party for her 3rd birthday, but since Dos was also turning 1 (7 days before her) I decided to give the big celebration to him.

Though I only prepared simple foods, she might not have too many guests, she didn’t have party program (opening of gifts was our only activity that afternoon aside from eating). But that doesn’t mean her birthday would to be plain and colourless. The little sweat I shed was more than enough for her to be extra happy and giggly excited.


Here I prepared a simple balloon ceiling décor. I alternately arranged the balloons in a nylon string by using masking tape. I added curling ribbon at the end of each balloon to give a little life. I also alternately attached the spare cupcake toppers I printed to the ribbons to accentuate the theme.

I hung the excess balloons on the wall and attached more toppers. I also hung some hello kitty stuffs (her bags actually). 



For the buffet table backdrop, I simply reused the fabric used at Dos’ party and recycled our pink curtain. I tacked only the ends, got the center tacked it and tacked the center between them, to create a fake pleat. I also printed and cut-out each letter of her name which I designed with hello kitty characters, I glued it then over purple bond paper for some 3D effect.  The esposo was also kind enough to cut number 3 on a styrofoam (also from Dos’ party). I attached the hello kitty ribbon on it. (All printable were DIYed using Microsoft Paint. Jologs lang ang peg.hehe)      

For the buffet table, I also used the pink curtains (it matches the motif, what can I do?)  as table cloth and since the purple fabric was too long, I overlapped it on the table (it doubled as placemat too, to make sure the pink curtain won’t  get stain). I covered a shoe box to elevate the cake tower. Layering is a good effect, you know. I also used her hello kitty stuff toy and this printable hello kitty bag which I stocked with more cupcake toppers.  

The decoration was a little overboard (mi esposo didn’t escape to inform me that, every-so-often), considering we only had spaghetti and around 15 guests. I admit I thought of that too, I even cancelled my plan to make a balloon pillar. But who cares? You should see what this little effort has done to my little girl. She was beyond happy.


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