Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mi Bebe @ 21

How time flies. Today mi bebe is already 21 months old. Every day, she demonstrates new progress which amazes, surprises, annoys, entertains, irritates, makes us laugh and make us proud. Some of her advancements include:
  • She calls herself by her name. Recalls and calls familiar people by their names.
  • She communicates better. She can say more words and understands a lot more.
  • She responds to simple errands/instructions. She can throw trash in the bin, picks-up or get something when told, turn-on or off appliances (especially TV and electric fan) and wipes her face when needs to.
  • She’s familiar with her routine. She brushes her teeth after meal, combs her hair and apply lotion every bath, knows where to seat and how to behave inside the car and gives us our indoor sleepers.
  • She shows affection and concern. She taps someone’s chest when she hears them cough or choke, she calls everybody when its mealtime, she ask me to put rice on every plate even her yaya’s and hands me my pre-natal vitamins every after meal.
  • She’s a drama queen. She plays pretend a lot, she cradles her baby doll to sleep, she shams her cry to get something and she holds the phone as if talking to someone most of the time.

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