Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lucky 9! Lucky 13?

Chinese beliefs would tell you 13 is such an unlucky number and we as Filipinos, who are greatly influenced by them, embrace that philosophy as well. As much as we could, we avoid the association of this number in our endeavours (buildings do not have 13th floor, we never deal on the 13th, especially if it’s a Friday) for it is believed to bring bad luck. That was my exact thoughts at the night of September 13, 2003. It was then when he asked me to be his girl. I was hesitant to give my “yes” following that belief but who holds the future? Plus he was so persistent and determined to get a positive reply, so I agreed to give it a try and marked it as “our day”.
Unlike new couples, we didn’t have a smooth-sailing beginning. A week would not pass without us arguing over petty things. But what’s good about us was that we never gave-up. We both lived with the idea that it is unhealthy to get-back together once there is break-up, so we always talk about our conflicts and we compromise, until we get tired of fighting have adjusted with our differences and learned to give-and-take. That was how we lasted. Honesty, trust, loyalty, submission, open communication, patience and lots of patience are our key up to now.
Most of all, our 9 years of togetherness made me realize it wasn’t all about love. Every relationship needs divine intercession more than anything. It is true that you have to put God in the center of your relationship for a stronger foundation. That’s our secret, we always see to it to pray together before we go to sleep. We are thankful we lasted for 9 years amidst our inauspicious date. 

God is our best antidote for bad omen. We are luckier He gave us each other.

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