Monday, September 10, 2012

Not a Desperate Housewife

I am happy with how mi bebe is manifesting her intellect. As early as 22 months she can count to 10 without sweat. She can even recite a whole sentence from her favorite book. I am so pleased with it and inspires me to do better as a self-proclaimed educator.  
Incidentally, I met with my former colleague last Friday night. We work together for the government for almost 2 years before she transferred to the private sector, now she’s a stay-at-home mom. I can still remember our chit-chat times where we shared our fascination of becoming full time housewives, we always dreamt of running the house ourselves and having lots of time in our respective kitchens. We wanted to be hands-on mothers, we wanted to be our kids’ very own tutors and see with our own eyes each milestones and achievements they make.
Her kids are now 6 and 4 years old, both in school and due for their periodical exams. She even made it as an excuse for being late that night. She said she reviewed her son first before leaving the house. She even admitted that she has a lot to (re)learn too. She needs to be updated with everything in order to be an effective tutor.  I’m happy she’s living her dream. I wish her luck.
As for me, I am yet to teach mi bebe the 26 letters of the alphabet. Or should I potty train her first?  

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